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Dee Dee Chamblee, founder of a shelter for Trans and GLB persons in Atlanta

Nell Bernstein, award-winning journalist, on the too-often thoughtless treatment of children of the incarcerated

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00:00 Introduction
  • National crossdresser's holiday!
  • Fundraising for WMBR next week
  • Fantasia Fair redux
  • Raving Raven: the 'Bird With The Word'
  • Raven's poem reading
16:25 Gender News
  • HIV test soon to come home
  • Transsexual incarcerate 'Inmate of the Month'
  • Trans Hate Crimes inclusion, Ted Kennedy, and HRC
  • Vermont law school refuses military recruiters
  • 'Ex-gay' movement launches radio show in 8 states
  • Austin anti-same-sex marriage group embarassed by Klan
  • Tucson, AZ: Pharmacy refuses to dispense emergency contraception, draws protest
  • Guatamala: Feminicides draw world attention
32:20 Question of the Week

"I am a very concerned mother of an adult son who told me 5 years ago that in his head and heart he is a girl. I have supported him both emotionally and financially but he needs more help. He has been reading on line for years and understands the issues but I need help inorder to help him. He feels I am his only friend and supporter and he has mentioned suicide weekly. He is under a councelors care weekly and monthly sees a doctor for medicine to try to keep all his issues under control. He is ADD, OC, very intelligent and Transgender. I want him and/or her to live and be happy. With such a strong personality and so so so many talents, can someone help me help HER. Where do I go from here? "
(From: Ellen)

42:10 Evelien's Diary, entry 25: "Making or Breaking"

Evelien's website:

46:46 For nearly all transpersons struggling to feed and house themselves, our urban shelters are anything but welcoming. In the face of this systematic exclusion, there have been many efforts over the years to establish shelters specifically for trans persons in need. One of the few success stories in this effort comes from Dee Dee Chamblee, founder and director of LaGender, inc., which combats homelessness, HIV and AIDS. According to Dee Dee, LaGender is iriented towards trans persons but open to the GLBT community, working to make the 'invisble population' visible in the bible belt.
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87:10 A growing, tragic segment of our society has escaped the notice of almost everybody, but not for long. Nell Bernstein, award-winning journalist and former Soros Justice Media fellow at the Open Society Institute of New York, talks with us about the plight of the children of the incarderated. Her articles have appeared in Newsday, Mother Jones, Washington Post and others, and she is the author of the book All Alone in the World: Children of the Incarcerated.
118:48 End
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