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Dr. Alice/Richard Novic Author of the memoir Alice in Wonderland, tells the parts of hir personal story not included in hir book (2/11/06)
LIVE from Fantasia Fair Nancy, Gordene & Ethan chat with attendees at the longest running transgender event, including visits with Mara Keisling, Dallas Denny, Holly Boswell, Miqqi Gilbert, and many more. Ranging from politics of the day to the FFair and personal issues, featuring poetry readings and a very special musical performance of the "Transgender Blues". (10/22/05)
Miqqi Gilbert Canadian professor of philosophy and argumentation theory who has become a leading advocate for de-stigmatization of crossdressing, on CD awareness of women's issues (9/3/05)
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Lauren's transition and unusual work situation, and on their long-term relationship (5/24/04)
Helen Boyd Author of a new book titled "My Husband Betty" shares her perspective on what it's like to be the wife of a crossdressing husband (2/16/04)
Donna Troka Organizer of the first International Drag King Extravaganza, on the history of drag kings and gender in performance (7/7/03)
Kegan Allee West coast scholar investigating the effects of gender performance on so-called natural bodies on the history of drag kings and gender in performance (7/7/03)
Peter & Shirley Oiler On the aftermath of his firing by Winn-Dixie and the court judgement against him. (3/10/03)
Aliza Shapiro Drag event organizer and performer in the drag personna of Heywood Wakefield, on drag king events and culture (1/27/03)
Charles Anders &
Annalee Newitz
"Lazy Crossdresser" author and columnist on gender bending, crossdressing, and their partnership [WMBR fundraising program] (11/25/02)
Veronica Vera Dean of the "Academy for Boys Who Want to be Girls," on how to cross-dress for success (10/28/02)
Charles Anders Author of "The Lazy Crossdresser," on 'lazy' ways to be a male connoisseur of women's clothing (3/11/02)
Courtney Sharp New Orleans transactivist on the struggle against Winn-Dixie's firing of crossdresser Peter Oiler (2/11/02)
Mimi Angelica The 'out' crossdresser who answered the call for help on September 11th (1/28/02)
Peter & Shirley Oiler On their challenge to an employer's right to fire someone for crossdressing at home (10/8/01)
Linda & Cynthia Phillips Issues MTF transpersons face - and create - in couples (10/1/01)
Jessica Archer Activism against Winn-Dixie firing of crossdresser Peter Oiler (1/8/01)
Bobbi Williams With the "gyrls" (12/4/00)
Chuck Garabedian Glam rock band "Temptress" (11/13/00)
Veronica Vera Boys who want to be girls (11/6/00)
Miqqi Gilbert The politics of cross-dressing (10/30/00)
Brian Peters High School Junior sent home for wearing a dress to school (4/3/00)
Jane Ellen & Mary Fairfax How trans issues enhance their relationship, and their work with cross dressers and their families (2/14/00)
Linda & Cynthia Phillips Dealing with the personal transgender issues in their relationship (2/14/00)
Jonel Peterson Crossdresser extraordinaire and Tiffany Club President (1/17/00)
Miqqi Gilbert Professor of Philosophy & lifelong crossdresser, on trans academic colloquium (10/4/99)
Pam Geddes Event coordinator, on the upcoming Silver Jubilee Fantasia Fair transgender week (10/4/99)
Joan Goodnight Southern Californian crossdresser and community organizer (7/19/99)
Cynthia & Linda Phillips Couple married for over 40 years, on crossdressing, crossliving, partnership and more (7/12/99)
Jonel Peterson &
Winnie Wilkinson
Partners, on crossdressing and their partnership (6/28/99)
Virginia Prince Founder of the first crossdressing support group, tells her story of how it all happened (5/10/99)
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