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Carolyn Wagner, co-founder of Families United Against Hate and national vice president of PFLAG, on fighting hate

Charles Anders, author of "The Lazy Crossdresser," on 'lazy' ways to be a male connoisseur of women's clothing

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00:00 Introduction
06:16 Question of the week
" I am a listener from across the pond in the lovely UK. I am an afro-Caribbean pre-op transexual, who are far and few in between. Is this the case in the US of A? And do all transgendered people come together in unity regardless of race or is the racial bigotry also present among the transgendered of America? I have found that a very small minority of 'white' UK transgendered do not like UK ethnic minority transgendered. Also, the so called shops that supposedly cater for the transgendered totally ignore the fact that transgendered people of colour exist! " (from: Erica, London, England)
" Hi I'm 15 years old and when I get older I'm going to get a sex change and I was wondering how should I tell my family? " (from: Steve Harris, New York)
24:35 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
33:16 Carolyn Wagner, National Vice President of PFLAG and co-founder of Families United Against Hate, joins us to talk about providing support for victims of anti-GLBT hate crimes. Carolyn talks about how hate-based discrimination is closely tied to gender. She also talks about how the media makes the situtation worse for GLBT victims of violence.
For more information:
Families United Against Hate:
Gabi Clayton, co-founder of Families United Against Hate:
60:03 Special Message
61:03 Boston area (and national) announcements
63:57 Charles Anders, also known as Julia, is the author of "The Lazy Crossdresser", a smart and fun exploration of the world of crossdressing from a "how to" perspective. Charles/Julia, from New England originally, worked as a journalist for many years, and was one of the editors of "Anything That Moves", a magazine about bisexuality. He has had many transgender fiction stories published, including a piece in the forthcoming best TG erotica.
For more information, visit:
The Lazy Crossdresser website at
You can Email Charles/Julia at
88:55 End
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