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Recorded LIVE at Fantasia Fair:

Nancy, Gordene & Ethan chat with attendees at the longest running transgender event, including visits with Mara Keisling, Dallas Denny, Holly Boswell, Miqqi Gilbert, and many more. Ranging from politics of the day to the FFair and personal issues, featuring poetry readings and a very special musical performance of the "Transgender Blues".

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00:00 Introduction
  • Live from Provincetown!
  • Raven Raven: Not included on staff page
8:07 Gender News
  • Special Counsel Scott Block investigated for not enforcing anti-gay discrimination complaints
  • Privatization of prisons: benefits wealthy convicts?
  • Reality TV: A&E to follow Alexis Arquette through transition
  • Harriet Miers: 61 year old virgin?
Correction: Bush's threatened veto not first threat, but would be first veto (Nancy's statement)
15:23 Mara Keisling talks with us about the proposed federal Hate Crimes legislation passed by the House and currently being considered by the Senate in committee.

Visit the National Center for Transgender Equality website at

26:26 Raving Raven: Duck Murders in California
28:30 Dallas Denny talks about the history of the Fantasia Fair

Visit the Fantasia Fair website at

Ethan, Gordene, & Nancy do GTalk at FFair
37:07 Miqqi Gilbert, FFair program manager, on program activities at the Fantasia Fair
45:02 Sandra Cole, helping professional, on the participation of partners and couples in Fantasia Fair
47:03 Nancy & Gordene talk about the history of GenderTalk
58:55 Boy in a Dress
by Namoli Brennet (visit
63:40 More talk from the Fantasia Fair 2005
64:47 Alison Laing, longtime trans ambassdor, on why people come back to the Fair, including the evening programs
69:33 Holly Boswell on some of the spiritual dimensions of the Fair
74:33 Joanna Wilhelmina McGuire shares her reasons for coming to the Fair
76:48 Joanne Law, recipient of a Pioneer Award at the Fantasia Fair, on the GLBT radio program she hosted for five years in Ottawa
80:47 Sherry Ashton performs her "Ophelia" standup
Our audience (non-celeb faces blurred)
84:04 Transgender Blues
by Sherry Ashton
86:50 Joelle Ruby Ryan reads two of her poems:
  • 88:59 - "For the Boy That I Was"
  • 91:38 - "Genderquake"

Find out more about Genderquake, the book of poems, at

94:50 Trankila on how hir personal gender took shape. S/He presents as femme overall with one glaring exception: a beard
100:34 Blake (Tranquila's wife) joins in to present her perspective
102:14 Jamie Roberts speaks up for Raven, and talks about Atlanta's LaGender Inc, an organizaztion founded by Dee Dee Chamblee to provide support for trans folks in need, especially around HIV and homelessness

111:38 Donna talks about her first-time trans conference experience at the Fair
112:51 Erin talks about feeling sad about having to leave the next day, after her second Fair
117:15 Diana says she attends the Fair because of the sense of community she gets... and the anecdotes, of which she shares one with us
120:02 Donna Cartwright talks about how attending the Fair gave her a more relaxed sense of community, and suggests that members of other religious traditions might want to participate
124:48 Tasha talks about this, her first Fair
125:51 Tori reads a poem by Robert Service
128:08 End
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