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Dr. Alice/Richard Novic, author of the memoir Alice in Genderland, tells the parts of hir personal story not included in hir book.

Carisa Cunningham, director of Public Affairs and Education for Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, on the successful settlement this week of a case brought by a trans woman who was fired for transitioning.

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00:00 Introduction
  • Letters
  • Allen Richards'
  • Norah Vincent's writing and "Self Made Man"
  • Crossdressing TV magazine segment
13:53 Raving Raven
  • UK scientists declare support for using lab-bred animals in experiments
  • English Ravens, once protected, then nearly exterminated, coming back
  • Tower of London employs Raven Master to care for Ravens
  • Coney Island Zoo enjoys gay penguin pair
23:18 Gender News
  • Phelps followers hold anti-gay protest at Coretta Scott King funeral
  • Colbert Report as spoof of hypermasculinity
  • Elder Bush objects to W critiques at funeral
  • Nepal: Human Rights Watch calls for investigation of persecution of Mehtis
  • Rare STD strain spreading among gay men
  • Logo channel showing "Beautiful Daughters", about all-trans vagina monologues
  • Johnson County, Iowa, moves towards new non-discrimination ordinance
  • Writings about the "trans panic" defense
  • Nicetown, PA: Trans person murdered
  • Top executive at Corporation for Public Broadcasting steps down
  • Ideology vs. truth, conservative vs. progressive
  • Women taking HRT recommend their daughters not
  • UK's Guardian reports that national health service promots "sexercise"
  • Nancy & Gordene's car towed!
  • GLAD and trans woman settle lawsuit against Anselm College
48:35 Question of the Week

"hi I have submitted questions in the past and none were ever replied to so please if you could please find it in your hearts to respond I would greatly appreciate it.
I am having such a hard time trying to understand myself it drives me crazy. First I need to know if it is true that transvestites do not think about nor do they desire a sex change??? Because I have wanted one since puberty. I wish I was born a girl yet I don't know if I am a transsexual or a transvestite. My main problem is I feel that most men are actually idiots and buffoons and I am even more of a man than any of them yet I don't want to be a man!!!!!!!!!
Does that sound like anything you have heard of ??"
(From: Joe)

58:26 Anything But Love
by Georgie Jessup
63:18 Most crossdressers are shy about allowing their pastime to become public knowledge, and so it is a rare treat to welcome an 'out' crossdresser as a guest on GenderTalk. Dr. Alice (Richard) Novic, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, talks with us about hir evolution as a crossdresser, from childhood awakening to adult compromises. She describes hir book, Alice in Genderland, as "the first modern memoir by a crossdresser".
91:50 The GenderTalk Calendar
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96:05 This past week, Boston's Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) announced the successful settlement of a lawsuit by a transsexual against her employer, St. Anselm College of Manchester, New Hampshire. Carisa Cunningham, GLAD's Director of Public Affairs and Education, joins us to talk about this case as well as other work currently on GLAD's plate.

Carisa is a long-time non-profit communications professional specializing in AIDS, public health, and LGBT issues. She has been director of public relations for AIDS Action Council (Washington), Wheelock College, and AIDS Action Committee (Boston), and worked in public relations for Gay Men's Health Crisis in the 1980's. She most recently worked for the Harvard AIDS Institute in Botswana, handling communications surrounding the first HIV vaccine trial to take place in Southern Africa. She is a graduate of Oberlin College, and has taught non-profit public relations at Boston University's College of Communications.

118:57 End
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