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Jennifer Peterson, transsexual witch, on the meaning of Halloween

Miqqi Gilbert, "out" cross-dresser and professor of philosophy, on the politics of cross-dressing

Noam Chomsky, world renowned Scholar and Activist, on world politics and his new book "Rogue States: The Rule of force in World Affairs"

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00:00 Introduction
08:33 Jennifer Peterson, a practicing transexual witch whose Wiccan name is SilverWolfe, talks of what Halloween means to her. Jennifer lives in New Jersey with her very supportive female partner of 18 years. Visit Hennifer's site at
16:55 Question of the Week:
Question: I am unfortunately an American. Could you tell me what transgendered rights are like in Canada? And what country would you say is best for us? Given the fact that a new conservative wave is about to destroy any rights we may have, I feel no choice but to leave the United States as I have only one life and I want to live it in peace. I feel like those Jews that fled Nazi Germany before it was too late. Please, please answer this letter, I'm very serious about this, and the truth is, I am somewhat afraid. Thank you. (from Daria, Reno)
23:42 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
35:05 Miqqi Gilbert, professor of philosophy at York University, published author and lecturer on argumentation theory, fiction, and transgenderism. Miqqi owns a consulting business, Paradox Communications, and is an 'out' cross-dresser and organizer of the academic portion of "Fantasia Fair", the longest-running transgender event. Miqqi, who has published two novels, and is having a screenplay of his first novel produced, talks about his crossdressing on his web site ( " I've been a cross dresser since I was little. For me it an expression of my feminine side, a declaration of my anima strength, and an awareness of how holistic we all truly are. However, while I know that I cross dress, I have no real idea of why I cross dress. I simply know that I do. My acceptance of this part of myself, without shame or guilt, has taken a long time. I post this page in the hope that others may also come to accept their transgender status for what it is: A fact of life that is never going to change."
60:30 Special Message
61:45 Boston area (and some national) announcements
65:00 Noam Chomsky, intellectual activist, professor at MIT, and world renowned linguist, philosopher and political analyst who lectures around the world on international affairs. Noam's latest book is "Rogue States: the Rule of Force in World Affairs". One person described listening to Noam as "like being thirsty and getting a drink of water from a fire hose." We talked with this intrepid dissident about the use of American military aid to repress democratic movements, about the upcoming election, and about prospects for the future.

Interview transcript:
For more information about the important works of Noam Chomsky, visit the Noam Chomsky archive
Click here to find your nearest independent bookseller who can sell you a copy of "Rogue States" or other work by Noam Chomsky.

90:37 End
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