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Bruce Ellison, longtime lawyer for Leonard Peltier, on wartime suppression of dissent and how proposed "anti-terrorist" laws threaten our democracy

Peter & Shirley Oiler, on their challenge to the right of an employer to fire an employee just because he's a crossdresser

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00:00 Introduction
15:08 Question of the week:
Question: " My girlfriend has been wanting me to try on her dresses. I said wait till halloween. I dont know if she is just joking or not or suspects Im Transgendered. Should I play along and see what happens and tell her, or just keep quiet? " (from: Robin, Pennsylvania)
Question: " Question: With everything that is going on in the world today, I'm wondering what would happen to transsexuals if there was a need for a draft. " (from: Lynn, Shreveport, Louisiana)
22:07 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
31:05 Special Message
31:56 Bruce Ellison, criminal defense lawyer in Rapid, S.D., and lawyer for Leonard Peltier for 25 years, on how currently proposed "anti-terrorist" laws are anti-democratic and threaten our hard-won democratic rights. Bruce compared what the government is now trying to do by loosening restrictions against government intrusion into individual lives with the so-called "reign of terror" inflicted on the people of the Pine Ridge reservation by the FBI. He talks about how the proposed intrusions against individual rights and liberty would not have helped defend against the terrorist attacks that took place September 11, but rather that certain individuals and agencies of the government are taking advantage of that event to increase their powers, especially including those most useful for suppressing dissent.
62:44 Boston area (and national) announcements
66:10 Peter & Shirley Oiler join us to talk about their battle against Winn-Dixie's firing of Peter simply because he admitted that he likes to cross-dress. With the support of the ACLU, the Oilers are fighting for their right to employment without regard to what kind of clothes they wear at home. Married for over 24 years, Peter and Shirley talk about how they met, how Shirley found out about Peter's crossdressing, and how their friends and families are reacting to their widespread publicity.
89:11 End
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