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Gwen Smith, cyberspace transactivist on spinning webs that fill transgender community needs

Gina Chiapa, co-ordinator of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, on the case, the FBI, and prospects for fairness.

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00:00 Introduction
Nancy on the "Family Law" website poll
Gordene & Nancy comment on the movie "All About My Mother"
Karen and her mom Penny on the movie "Pitch Black" and on the play "The Vagina Monologues"
14:00 Question of the Week
20:22 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
31:15 Gwen Smith, well-known cyberspace transactivist and Gender Education & Advocacy (GEA) board member, launched AOL's immensely popular Transgender Community Forum, for many years one of the TG community's leading cyber hangouts. Now she's webmistressing the Transgender Gazebo at, and many other trans websites including:
Remembering our Dead
Southern Comfort Conference
Online Alchemy: the Art of Loren Cameron
Transexual News Telegraph
Gender Education & Advocacy
and her own site:
Gwen Smith: Lair of the Webmistress
...while she and her partner Bonnie carry out their duties as proud servants to their cat Idgie.
56:05 Boston area (and some national) announcements
58:45 Special Message
61:59 Gina Chiala, co-cordinator of Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, reviews for us the events that led to Leonard's incarceration, including the still uninvestigated murders of 60 American Indians by goon squads during heavy FBI presence on the reservation in support of commercial attempts to gain control of indian land. Gina talks about the events, FBI involvement, upcoming parole, a recommendation for clemency by a judge who heard the case, and more.

Please express your support for Leonard Peltier's reasonable claim to a fair review. Call the White House Comment Line at 202-4565-1111

88:25 End
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