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Bob La Trémouile, environmental activist, on the plot to eradicate the flock of wild geese which make their home in the city of Cambridge

Moonanum James, Native American activist, on the real origins of "Thanksgiving Day" and the ongoing struggle against oppression and genocide.

" For some people Thanksgiving is a day of celebration, but for Native people it's a day of mourning because that was the beginning of the end of our society "
- Moonanum James

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Why the geese
• Native American Genocide
• Transphobia on TV's "The View" with Barbara Walters
• Future California trans legislation
14:01 Question of the Week
" I am a 50 year old (living as male) but transgendered person. I have been a cross dresser since early childhood and have always had strong feminine feelings. For about two years I took female hormones and I have some development (40B). However, I have no plans to transition as it just does not seem practical for my circumstances. My happiest and most successful relationship was with a lesbian. We were close friends for 16 years and lived together in a platonic relationship for 12 years, until she died in an auto accident in April of 1999. A year and a half ago I was married to a woman who I thought had accepted me. But, even though I had told her of myself before we even dated, she apparently thought that once we were married she would change me into her definition of a standard male. Now we are near the end of a bitter (at least on her side) divorce. Sex is somewhat important to me, but companionship is absolutely indispensable. I want and need someone to be a friend. How do I find a woman to share life with? "
(from: Rhonda)
20:13 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
32:52 Read more about the geese In Cambridge, Massachusetts, ambitious city developers want to eradicate the nesting ground of a flock of wild geese in favor of pristine grass and flowers. Our guest, Bob La Trémouile, is doing everything in his power to protect these feathered residents, who have been subjected to repeated violence in an attempt to drive them away.

Bob is co-chair of "Friends of the White Geese" and has 25-30 years experience doing environmental protection work in Cambridge.

For More Information:
• On how to help save the geese, visit
• About the attacks on the geese:
• Bob La Trémouile's article about the geese, at
• Email Bob La Trémouile at
62:06 Special Message
62:37 Boston area (and national) announcements
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65:05 From painting of Wounded Knee massacre As many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, those whose forbears were here before the pilgrims remember something different. Moonanum James, co-leader of United American Indians of New England, speaks on the true history of Thanksgiving and the bloody events of the early days of our country, and ongoing efforts to oppose injustices.

Moonanum is one of the organizers of the annual Day of Mourning event on "Thanksgiving Day" in Plymouth, Massachusetts each year.

For more information:
• Visit the United American Indians of New England (UAINE) website at
• Listen to GenderTalk's recording of the 30th Day of Mourning at
89:51 End
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