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30th National Day of Mourning
November 25, 1999

National Day of Mourning is an activist effort by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples to tell the truth about the genocide -- still ongoing in some parts of the world -- which is erased by history books and holidays which celebrate the lies that we are all fed as children and adults.

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--:-- The introductory prayer by Sam Sapiel was not recorded at the request of UAINE
00:00 Moonanum James, Aquinnah Wampanoag, activist and organizer for United American Indians of New England ( (apologies for missing the first few sentences)
08:39 Mahtowin Munro, Lakota, activist and organizer for UAINE
16:35 Clint Wixon, longtime activist
18:08 Lone Eagless, Mashpee Wampanoag (see Wampanoag history)
19:30 Millie Noble, Ojibwe, reading a poem (sorry, this reading is difficult to hear at times)
24:57 Juan Gonzales, spokesperson for Mayan elders
29:56 Teresa Gutierrez, Chicana re Mumia Abu-Jamal
35:51 Dr. Bert Waters, Assonet Wampanoag from Mass. Commission of Indian Affairs, reading a statement from Leonard Peltier
39:17 Blanket Dance (sorry, incomplete recording of song)
40:29 Sam Sapiel, Penobscot, elder
42:43 Mahtowin Munro on the plaques that will be erected as part of the settlement with Plymouth arising out of the arrest of 25 activists at the Day of Mourning in 1997, and on the Boston Globe and Herald articles that question whether the reign of terror carried out against indiginous peoples was indeed genocide.
47:27 Raul Ruiz, Mexica (& Chicano), including reading of letter from Sub-commandante Marcos of the Zapatistas (see accion zapatista)
58:23 short segment of ceremony from Plymouth town square
58:56 drumming from dance at gathering following the march
60:59 portions of the proceedings at the gathering
63:08 End

This audio recording was made by Nancy Nangeroni with the assistance of Gordene Mackenzie, and is posted with the permission of Mahtowin Munro of UAINE. We apologize for any and all lapses in the recording, omissions of portions of the day's proceedings. Hopefully the sound of rain throughout will give a clue to the conditions under which this recording was made.

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