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Jessica Xavier, transgender epidemiologist, on the medical difficulties faced by transgender persons, and the recent Amnesty Internation report about police mistreatment of GLBT persons

Danny Kirchoff, manager of Equality California's transgender equality project, on EQCA's work towards same-sex marriage

Vanessa Edwards Foster, chair of National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, on the wake of hurricane Rita and transgender persons in the gulf coast region

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00:00 Introduction
  • Raving Raven: web pictures and eating bugs
  • Letter from listener on Nancy's "Crude Approximation"
  • TV: Sundance's "Trans Generation"
28:18 Gender News
  • Ontario, CA: Student expelled for having lesbian parents
  • Alabama: transsexual marriage invalidated
  • Georgia to consider parental permission requirment for gay/straight clubs
  • Crossdressed accident victim disrespected
  • Harvard Law School buckles to military threat
  • Activists fight recruiting tactics aided by "No Child Left Behind"
  • Minorities suffer disproportion casualties in Iraq
  • Non-citizens being recruited to fight in Iraq
  • Tufts U: Tilto hall bathrooms now TG-friendly
  • Men 's live shortened by male domination
  • First generic versions of AZT anti-AIDS medication
41:40 Question of the Week

"I am the wife of a closeted cross-dresser. He is comfortable dressing up in our home and has not expressed any desire to venture out in public. I think going out in a friendly atmosphere could be really fun; but I don't want to pressure him into doing something that he isn't ready for. Being intimate with someone who is cross-dressed has really enriched my sexuality and I want more. I feel like a monogamous trani-chaser. What can I do? I feel ready to come out of the closet, but I am not the one who has the most on the line."
(From: Anna)

47:30 Jessica Xavier, the only transgender epidemiologist in the US, talks about the state of medical research into the needs of transgender persons. She discusses specific shotcomings and strengths of previous studies and those underway. Jessica also talks about the new Amnesty International report on the mistreatment and widespread abuse by police oficers in the LGBT communities nationwide.
85:46 The GenderTalk Calendar
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89:16 Recently, the California legislature become the first state lawmaking body to pass a law legalizing same-sex marriage. Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger, though, has indicated that he will veto the bill, claiming that he'd rather leave it 'up to the courts to decide'. Danny Kirchoff, Manager of Equality California's transgender equality project, chart's the history of the bill's success to this point, and also speaks briefly of transgender collaboration efforts within California.
102:30 Vanessa Edwards Foster, chair of National Transgender Advocacy Coalition and a Houston Resident, elected not to evacuate in the face of hurricane Rita. She speaks with us from her home just hours after the hurricane passed, discussing the relative intensity of Rita, evacuation results, and the effects of Rita and Katrina on transgender persons living along the gulf coast.
  • To read Vanessa's "Hurricane Blog" email archive, click here
120:00 End
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