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Minnie Bruce Pratt, gender and anti-racist activist, poet and luminary, talks about how she got involved in anti-racist activism.

Sylvia Durand talks about her experience as the first transsexual to transition within the Canadian military.

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00:00 Introduction
Nancy talks about a phone call she received just before going on the air that accused GLAAD of conducting a transphobic "diversity" training for children 12-13 years old at a Boston school. She later found out that GLAAD does NOT conduct trainings of this sort. She contacted Boston-based GLAD, who also do not conduct trainings of this sort. She is continuing to investigate the source of the reported incident.
14:22 Question of the Week
20:41 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
31:27 Minnie Bruce Pratt (, talks about her entry into anti-racist activism inspired by her youth in the segregated south, and the connection between her transgender activism and ant-racist activism. She talks about how genetics show racial and gender differences to be much smaller than other differences that occur between individuals, and how the gender and racial categories that our culture enforces are in fact the most superficial of differences among people. She also talks about the upcoming event in New York City in support of anti-racism as personnified by the case of Mumia Abu Jamal. Youcan find out more about this event from or, for tickets,
60:32 Special Message
61:27 Boston area (and some national) announcements
66:00 Sylvia Durand, a sergeant in the Canadian armed forces who transitioned while in the forces from male to female. Sylvia tells us about the process that she went through, including what was required from her in order to gain official support for the government-financed sex change.
89:09 End
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