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Mary Todd, activist, on depleted uranium, toxic waste that's being showered on Iraq - and our own soldiers - by the United States.

Mark Angelo Cummings, Cuban trans man, training studio owner and author of The Mirror Makes No Sense

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00:00 Introduction
  • Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, central fallacy: Making the wealthy wealthier is not the best way to help the rest of us, unless you really believe that we're all children except those fortunate ones who can be better trusted than ourselves to look out for us. Hardly! The high levels of corruption among current leadership indicates that greed, rather than benevolence, is what motivates this administration. Remember the "Peace Dividend"? Well, guess what, it's not only been spent, it's been mortgaged against many times over, with the proceeds going into the pockets of our country's - and the world's - wealthiest citizens.
  • Caller: Jimmy from his car
14:52 Gender News
  • Howard Dean misrepresents Democratic platform on same-sex marriage rights
  • Rupert Murdoch fundraises for Hilary Clinton
  • Pending threat to Internet neutrality [more info]
  • Senate drops Hate Crimes amendment from federal Child Safety Act
  • 'Radical Trannies' fundraise for Families United Against Hate
  • California moves to pass law including GLBT issues in school history classes
  • Surgeon in Springfield, MA, performs 'top' FTM surgery but refuses to provide 'sex change' letter
  • MA gov. Romney 'flirts with' abolishing state advisory commission on GLBT youth
  • Karl Rove informs White House of his impending indictment
  • ACLU defends 'God hates fags' demonstrations
44:18 Raving Raven
  • Grizzly Polar bear
49:45 Question of the Week

"Transition has me lost. Six years ago I was a successful graphic designer, CGI artist and worked on award winning animations and shorts films. I was just beginning transition and then my father got ill. In short, I had to quit work and became a full time career. Many women do this and it is hard. My father died and I was left to sort out the family home. Now that I am ready to return to work I can't find anything because employers see me as a half way house. Not really a man and not really a woman. I am lost in transition. Could someone set up an international (even multi-lingual) T-job site aimed at the t-community? With real jobs not sex work. I am young, talented and very creative but I am losing self respect because of being unemployed. Don't worry I am still knocking on doors every day... but so far they won't open. Are there any T-friendly employers out there... in Europe?"
(From: PK)

58:27 Evelien's Diary, entry 39: "Life In Between"

Evelien's website:

63:43 It's one more scandal that isn't being talked about in mainstream media, but this one's toxic effects will outlast all others created by this country's current Administration. We're talking about depleted uranium, toxic waste that's being showered on Iraq - and our own soldiers - by the United States. Talking with us is Mary Todd, of the Merrimack Valley People for Peace subcommittee on depleted uranium, who has dedicated her activism to this disturbing issue.
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94:18 Mark Angelo Cummings, author of the just released book "The Mirror Makes No Sense", talks with us about his life story. Mark is a Cuban transman who feels that being a transsexual man is a gift, not a curse. Owner of a training center, he also shares suggestions about healthy diet and exercise.

· Purchase via (supports GenderTalk): The Mirror Makes No Sense
· Mark's web site:
· An online written interview with Mark:

120:00 End
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