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Jewels Cameron Wolf, transgendered first grade teacher, on difficulties she is encountering on the job following her coming out

Robin Phillips, trans person, activist & small business owner, on her post-transition life and activism

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00:00 Introduction
14:22 Question of the week
" How do I get my father that says he accepts me for who I am, but won't call me by my new name. He even introduced me to his girlfriend in my old name. Any suggestions? "
(from: Andrew)
19:01 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
35:25 Jewels Cameron Wolf is a transgendered woman living in western New Mexico where she teaches first grade on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Her transition difficulties began after her decision to come out to her principal toward the end of her second year on the job. Despite a track record of excellent evaluations and few complaints from parents, Jewels now faces the very real threat of losing her teaching position.
63:11 Special Message
64:10 Boston area (and national) announcements
67:03 Join us for a follow-up conversation with Albuquerque trans person, activist & small business owner Robin Phillips. We previously spoke with Robin early in her transition, and now we talk about her post-transition life, including the reactions of some of her business clients to her change. We also talk with Robin about her activism, including her collaborations across issues.
For more information:
• You can listen to Robin's previous GenderTalk interview on program #310, May 14, 2001
87:55 End
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