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Phillip Andrew Bernhardt-House, queer activist and spiritualist, on a gender perspective he calls 'Metagender'

Holly Boswell, transgender activist, spiritualist & visionary catches us up on her personal journey, as well as upcoming kindred spirits events

"Any single one of those gendered characteristics, in another time and place, could have been assigned to the other gender."

- Philip Andrew Bernhardt-House

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
  • Signifigance of #442
  • Nancy's niece Sarah
  • HBO on female genital mutilation
  • Movie: "Lord of the Rings"
  • Racism and lookism in cinema
11:10 Question of the Week

"My son has been married to a lovely girl for 10 yrs & they have 2 children. My daughter-in-law has been sexually involved with a female & she can't decide if she wants to remain with my son or go with the female. What are the chances that she has always been bisexual? My son told her she had to make a choice, either her or him, but a triangle is not even a consideration. She has devastated the entire family including her mother, father & sister & they have been put in a compromising position because they don't want to loose their grandchildren or their daughter & I don't want to lose my only grandson & his sister. "
(From: Kathy)

17:08 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Gay marriage in Massachusetts
  • Italy recognizes homeless "transvestite"
  • Columbus, OH: labor union votes to work against DOMA
  • Poll reveals that Americans support gays/lesbians in military
  • M&M's go colorless and binary
  • Heart attack strikes on plane carrying cardiologists to conference
  • South African police plead with people on New Year's eve
  • Latest craze: chess boxing?
32:35 As our politics around gender issues evolves, people are ever searching for better ways to define and identify and, ultimately, to understand themselves. Phillip Andrew Bernhardt-House tells us all about a perspective on gender he calls being 'Metagender'. Phil is a queer activist, bisexual metagender ordained minisiter active in queer spirituality, and co-founder of Ecclesia Antinoi.

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62:36 Special Message
62:26 Boston area (and national) announcements
67:50 One of the leading voices for spiritual exploration around transgender issues, and a stalwart supporter of non-binary approaches to individual fulfillment, Holly Boswell has been a respected trans visionary and role model for over a dozen years. Join us for this conversation with Holly, about her personal experience of gender today.

Holly is a longtime transgender activist, visionary co-founder of the Southern Comfort Conference, and the Kindred Spirits spiritual group, as well as experienced writer, actor, director, and producer of arts events. While trained as a classical musician and composer, s/he has also pursued hir theatrical interests, founding the Asheville Repertory Theatre in 1982. Hir 16-year career in publishing utilizes writing, editing and design skills. S/he has written and produced four Kindred Spirits Traveling Medicine Shows, and is planning a new show to tour colleges.

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89:12 End
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