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Zantui Rose, respected trans spiritual leader, writer, therapist and longtime lesbian feminist

Ethan St. Pierre, FTM transperson, on his relatiohsip with MTF Karen Martin

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00:00 Introduction
12:18 Question of the Week
Question: "Can you give me information on this question... 'are gender differences rooted in the brain?' this is for a debate in my psychology class. I happen to think that gender differences are most definately rooted in the brain and I am interested in any information you can give me. THANKS!! "
(from Jamie in Los Angeles)
23:11 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
34:04 Boston area (and some national) announcements
37:50 Zantui Rose has been a contributor to the trans community for 7 years as a writer, workshop facilitator, therapist and visionary. She co-mothered the Bodhi Tree House, a trans-sacred retreat space, and last year delivered the keynote address the Southern Comfort conference. She has been partnered with a transperson for 4 years, and speaks with us about transcending gender as a spiritual imperative, and about transcending the gender paradigm. She also talks about the various workshops and retreats that are conducted by she and her partner Holly Boswell, as well as Mrak Eden, in beautiful mountain settings of North Carolina.
For more information about BodhiTree House retreats, email:
53:34 Special Message
54:29 Ethan St. Pierre is a transgender man whose aunt, Debra Forte, was murdered for being a transperson. We met Ethan when he participated in the National Gender Lobby Days effort in Washington, DC. Ethan's partner, Karen Martin, is a transsexual woman and they have been in a committed relationship for a couple of years. Ethan talks about his relationship with Karen through his own change in identity and gender.
87:29 End
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