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Mikayla Howden, Director of TS Haven House in Penacook, NH, on the public splash she made with an AP article about her same-sex marriage, and her newfound occupation

David Mariner, coordinator of clinical trials for the DC Care Consortium, on resources for HIV/AIDS clinical trials, and other work that he is doing on behalf of GLBT folks

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00:00 Introduction
  • Andy Rooney's ideas for junk mail and solicitation phone calls
    Courtesy of listener Marie:
    National do not call registry enforced by US government:
    To 'Opt Out' of credit card mail offers, call: 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688)
  • Missing Gordene
  • The story behind the Kosilek "SRS for prisoners" case
18:41 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • Man in woman's bathing suit arrested after verbal threats
  • John/Taupin musical disappoints
  • Gay male denied entrance to prom for wearing dress
  • Nashville: man arrested for shooting at snake
  • Cremation service mixup
  • Stupid criminal story: meek Japanes bank robber
  • DC Comics brings back Batwoman... as lesbian!
  • XMen3: a dog
  • Paris: study reveals female genital mutilation increases birth mortality
31:47 Gender News
  • Exxon/Mobil shareholder vote down GLBT anti-discrimination... but by smaller margin
  • Wendy's adds GLBT protections to non-discrimination policy
  • LGBT rights group billboards Frist hometown
  • Quantus to recognize legal same-sex marriages
  • Spain recognizes gender change without surgery
  • Cops provoke searchable offense
  • ACLU accuses SF of misleading about HIV test results reporting
  • Kuwaiti women run for parliament for first time
  • Golorado governor vetoes equality legislation
  • Murieta, CA students elect gay prom king, special needs prom queen
44:23 Subrata Dutta, an independent film maker, theatre worker, and cultural activist working in India, tells us about the short film (of 39 minutes) he has produced about transsexual issues in India. He is looking for help with getting the film seen by Western audiences. If you can help, please email Nancy(at)

The film is in Bengali language with English subtitles. Writes Dutta, "It's not on the sexuality problem, but based on the social problem. There is no legal right in favour of the transsexuals in India. What kind of problem a transsexual faces in Indian rural society - that is the theme of the film. A burning question has been thrown to the society or the state through this film, i.e. what is the status of transsexual in India? This is the first of its kind in India."

56:48 Question of the Week

"What is the relationship between gender non-conformity and sexual development?"
(From: Joel)

68:01 18 months ago, a couple in New Hampshire made national headlines when it came to public attention that they were a legal same-sex married couple in a state that does not approve of such things. Mikayla Howden, MTF transsexual and Director of TS Haven House in Penacook, NH, tells us the story of how this happened, and about her non-profit organization that has become the state's leading transgender support center.

Note: TS Haven House no longer operates as a non-profit, and is not endorsed by GenderTalk [-ed, 7/07]

Read the news story

NH Freedom to Marry Coalition

86:46 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest (add your events here)
92:22 It's been 25 years since the first AIDS case, and not only have we not found a cure, but the fight against the disease continues to suffer from bigotry and official ignorance. David Mariner, Coordinator of Clinical Trials for the DC Care Consortium, tells us about his new website that aims to involve more people in the process of improving medical treatments for this pernicious killer.

AIDS Research Community Handbook


119:10 End
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