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Michelle DuMaresq, Canadian National downhill mountain biking champion, on becoming the first openly transgender person to represent her country in world championship competition

Diana Wilson, independent filmmaker who produced and co-wrote "100% Woman", a documentary about the challenges faced by Michelle

Karen Duthie, director and co-writer of "100% Woman", on following Michelle from her first day of competition through her participation in the world championship

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00:00 Introduction
  • Dyke confrontation
  • Defending gays during Christian games
  • Court rules against proposed media ownership rule relaxation
  • Bush administration quality control
09:22 Question of the Week

"I'm a Male to Female transexual. I'm married to a wonderful woman (Julie) who is my wife of 13 years. We have 3 great children ages 20, 17,13. In 2002 I came out to my wife and children. It took a year to have all three of my children come around, my 17-year-old daughter was my biggest critic now my greatest advocate. My wife is my life partner, my soul mate she knows changing my male body to a woman's body won't change the love I feel for her or hers for me. The only objection by her to my GRS is that she is afraid the state of Pennsylvania will disavow our marriage once the surgery is done. Being a married couple is very important to her. Can the state do this?
What if I don't change my birth certificate post-surgery to reflect my new gender? Can you give me an idea what kind of fight I am in for? "
(From: Michelle)

20:37 News with Ethan and Karen St. Pierre
  • Disney shows transsexual intern rudeness
  • PFLAG gets new director in March
  • "She pees" urinals debut in Europe
  • New Hampshire considers repealing gay hate crimes coverage
  • Danvers school officals' drag-phobia reigns supreme
  • TS couple in New Hampshire misquoted in national press
30:24 Evelien's Diary:, entry 6: "Missed A Party"

Evelien's website:

35:55 Who Will Tell the People
by David Rovics
40:41 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest
43:20 Breaking into the world of women's sports poses unique and formidable challenges for male-to-female transsexuals, as well as their competitors. Recently, a bicyclist from Canada became the first transsexual woman ever to represent her country in international sporting competiton.

Independent filmmaker Diana Wilson helped chart the territory traversed by reigning Canadian downhill mountain bike champion Michelle Dumaresq from her first day of compettion to her representation of Canada in international competition, as producer of a documentary entitled "100% Woman". She talks with us about how the project started and the experience of producing the piece, which she also co-wrote.

60:07 Special Message
61:17 Reigning Canadian downhill mountain bike champion Michelle Dumaresq joins us to talk about her experience as an 'out' transsexual woman competing against non-transsexual women. Not only is she a champion cyclist, but she also transitioned (from living as male to living as a woman) on the job as a welder in a boat manufacturing company.
75:41 Karen Duthie, downhill mountain bike rider and director and co-writer of the documentary "100% Woman", talks with us about the film, her friend Michelle, and the responses of other friends and riders to Michelle's participation in the women's competition.
91:45 End
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