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Tina Sievers, transsexual advisor to the HBO film drama "Normal" which portrays the experience of a married couple whose male half comes out as a transsexual woman.

Isis Nusair, scholar and activist, on the situation of women's and human rights in the middle east and North Africa.

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Eve of Bush's war
• HBO's "Normal"
• Isis Nusair, women in war, US & Israel
• Harris poll on GLBT support for Bush
• Trans lobbyists greeted rudely
• NY Times on Cheney
• Wartime television sponsorship
• Holly Cross, tireless trans volunteer worker, has died.
13:25 Question of the Week
" Why are there so few double recliners? Are there so few couples who might like to sit so close together ? "
(from: Nancy)
" I am new to this site and would like to know how I am to change my name prior to SRS. I was born in RI and the info I found on the IFGE site says that I have to have a letter from the SRS surgeon to change the name on my birth certificate. Since I'm not yet a candidate for SRS, how can I change my name. "
(from: Cherie)
18:52 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
32:46 HBO television this week showed for the first time a new drama about a married couple with a son and daughter in which the husband 'comes out' as transsexual. Tina Sievers, a transsexual who served as an advisor to the production, talks about her experience and opinion of the results.

Tina is director of continuing education at Highland Community College in Freeport, Illinois. She is currently in the middle of her 'Real Life Test', which she began, coincidently, on May 20... the first day that the movie "Normal" started shooting.

For more information:
• HBO's "Normal"
60:19 Special Message
60:40 Boston area (and national) announcements
65:47 Palestinian Red Crescent Society photo, click for more In times of war, we usually hear plenty about the military battles. Too often overlooked, though, is the experience of women civilians, who are often targets for rape and other violence. Isis Nusair has been working on women's rights and human rights issues in the Middle East, Morocco, Palestine, Algeria and more, and she shares with us some of her primary observations and concerns.
For more information:
• Sisterhood Is Global Institute:
• Arab Centre for resources and information on violence against women:
• Nisswa & Development Organisation:
• Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research:
• Arab Women Media Centre:
• Institute for Gender and Women's Studies (American University of Cairo):
• Arab Women Connect:
• Machreq/Maghreb Gender Linking Information Project:
• Women's Court: The Permanent Arab Court to Resist Violence Against Women:
• Aisha Network, Arab Women's Forum:
• Women Living under Muslim laws:
Palestinian Red Crescent Society
87:31 End

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