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The ACLU's Jennifer Middleton tells us about the case she filed in federal court on behalf of a man in Louisiana who was fired because he crossdresses at home

Amy Schutzer, author of the beautiful and imaginative lesbian novel "Undertow"

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00:00 Introduction
13:20 Question of the Week:
Question: My friend confided in me that her husband has started wearing her undies, nightgown, lipstick, and wants sex while doing so. He also wants her to "rape" him while dressed like this. She said he used to dress-up as a child about five years ago but stopped. She is the person with the business in their family. He was always a homebody(likes cooking, staying at home, taking care of her). My friend feels like vomiting when he dresses/has sex with her this way. She is very embarrassed and will not talk to a counselor. He as of yet does not know that she has confided in me and my partner(wimmin us both). Can you help explain what may be happening? Please help. (from AnnGee, Vancouver, B.C. Canada)
23:09 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
32:03 Amy Schutzer, award-winning poet and fiction writer, and author most recently of "Undertow," the story of two women brought together by accident. She lives on the women's land in Estacada, Oregon, where she is at work on her second novel, "The Color of Weather."
50:52 Special Message
52:36 Boston area (and some national) announcements
57:14 Jennifer Middleton, attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU,, tells us about the lawsuit she filed today (October 23, 2000) in federal court against Winn-Dixie for firing a man (Peter Oiler, a 45 year old truck driver and crossdresser who has been married for 23 years) simply because he is, by his own admission, transgendered. In what could become a precedent-setting case, the ACLU is attempting to gain the right for people to cross-dress OFF the job without fear of reprisals at work.
Read the ACLU press release on the story.
89:01 End
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