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Andrea James and Calpernia Adams, trans activists, actresses, and entrepreneurs, on their part in the movie TransAmerica and their trans education and advocacy work

Monica Roberts, trans activist, author, and co-founder of the Transsistahs and Transbrothas Conference, on racism and African-Americans in the transgender community

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00:00 Introduction
  • Gordene's conference experience in Boulder
  • Nancy & Gordene's conference experience in Philadelphia
  • State democratic committees call for impeachment
12:08 Raving Raven
  • Looking for Easter Crows
  • The rabbit and the baby crow
  • Caring for baby crows
  • Parental lies
  • 18:26 Gender News
    • Immigrants and the LGBT community
    • LGBT community center holds tax workshop for prostitutes
    • Senator Feingold supports marriage equality for same-sex couples
    • California considers gay education bill
    • Federal legislation proposed to give same-sex couples equality in social security (HR 5152)
    • Harvard to protect transgender people against discrimination
    • Suffolk U to provide trans health insurance benefits
    • Italy: transgender politician elected to Parliament
    • Pope supports Moscow ban against gay pride
    • Hartford, CT: gay students stage kiss-in to protest Supreme Court Justice Scalia
    • Correction: Senator Kennedy did NOT meet with Mara Keisling (or any other trans community representative)
    42:32 Question of the Week

    "Is it possible to Advocate for transgender rights and not be out? Can I call my state and federal representatives to support transgender rights and stay anonymous or at least confidential? Will I out myself by advocating for Transgender rights? With all that is going on I feel I can help in some way but am still concerned with not outing myself until I am ready."
    (From: Alana)

    50:20 Evelien's Diary, entry 37: "Mirror"

    Evelien's website:

    57:48 Behind the scenes of the movie "TransAmerica," a number of trans persons provided guidance to the filmmakers and actress Felicity Huffman. Andrea James, longtime transgender activist, appeared in the film as voice coach for Huffman's character, and talks with us about her role in the film and her work on behalf of the transgender community.
    77:10 The Texas fiddle player in TransAmerica was played by a trans woman who became widely known as the trans girlfriend of murdered soldier Barry Winchell. Now making a name for herself with her acting and activism, Calpernia Adams talks with us about TransAmerica, her experience in Hollywood, and her work with DeepSteath Productions.
    90:06 The GenderTalk Calendar
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    95:35 Monica Roberts, founder and head diva of Transsistahs-Transbrothas, a popular Yahoo list for African-American transpeople, shares with us her comments made at the IFGE awards ceremony where she received the Trinity Award for her service to the transgender community.

    Monica is an NTAC founder and a former co-host of After Hours on Houston's KPFT-FM. She has penned three novels and since 2004 has written a monthly column on transgender issues called TransGriot for THE LETTER, Louisville's GLBT newspaper with circulation covering six states.

    120:26 End
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