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Renate Stendhal, psychological counselor and author, on the role of truth as an aphrodisiac in monogamous relationships

T Cooper, performer and author of "Some of the Parts" a novel that redefines the concept of what constitutes a family

" What we are so afraid of when we tell the truth, is that something that has been held back comes out with an edge, a sharpness that tends to hurt. "
- Renate Stendahl

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Nancy's absence: Boston City Council considers gender protections
• Alexander John Goodrum
7:43 Question of the Week
" Like many transpeople I am the subject of prejudice from the general public from time to time. I have worked hard in my life to overcome the prejudices that I had about various groups of people, but I find it very difficult to overcome my prejudice against people who are prejudiced. Is it all right to be prejudiced against bigots? "
(from: Sonia)
16:24 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
27:21 Our guest is a former lesbian separatist who once scorned monogamy, but who has now written a book about the joys of monogamy in women's relationships. Join us for a fascinating conversation with psychological counselor and author Renate Stendahl about how telling the truth can function as an aphrodisiac in long term sexual relationships.
Her book is titled "LOVE'S LEARNING PLACE: Truth as an Aphrodisiac in Women's Long-Term Relationships".
For more information:
• Visit Renate's website at
• Learn more about (and buy) Renate's books at
61:15 Special Message
62:19 Boston area (and national) announcements
65:01 Nancy reports on the Boston City Council hearing
68:41 One of the founders of a New York drag-king boy band "The Back Door Boys", and a former writer for Teen Magazine, our guest T Cooper is the author of new novel "Some of the Parts" that challenges conventional ideas about what constitutes family.
For more information:
• Visit T Cooper's website at
• Visit the publishers's website for "Some of the Parts" at
88:21 End

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