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Kate Bornstein & Gail Leondar-Wright on the ongoing controversy over the Lambda Literary Foundation's award nomination of a transphobic book

Gypsey Teague, editor of a new anthology of works by and about transgender people in the 21st century

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
  • TransFM fundraiser for NTAC lobbying effort (more info)
  • Thanks to Jeff in Milwaukee
  • Brazilian Resolution
  • Gay marriage, Kerry and constitutional amendment
  • Lee Thornhill's statement on LLF & Bailey
11:24 Question of the Week

"One deepest dark secret is how many transsexual male to female that have custody of minor children? I have had custody of my daughter since birth, I do not start the transition until she was 5 years, we had our up and downs together she has all ways been at my side and on my side. We went through hate crimes together, we faced haltered prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping by some mental health care professionals that believed transsexual should not raise children simply being transsexual pollutes, deviates the mind of a child. Is there any other transsexual out there raising children in transition with out the help of the other birth parent."
(From: name left out for safety reasons)

20:08 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Schwartzenegger faces battle over smoking
  • Italian men evading army duty by claiming homosexuality
  • English parliament works on gender recognition
  • Whistleblowers no longer protected around orientation
  • Chinese TG woman to compete in Miss Universe contest
  • New York moves on gay marriage
  • Women lose ground at executive level
  • Georgian cop citation contest stopped by judge
31:44 The Lambda Literary Foundation's affirmation of J. Michael Bailey's "The Man Who Would Be Queen" as an awards finalist perpetuates an insult to the trans community based on the pejorative content of the book. Gail Leondar-Wright, a 'PR activist', and Kate Bornstein, transgender guru, who co-sponsored an education action at LLF's fall conference, talk with Nancy and Gordene about what the book represents, what has happened and what might be done about it.
68:35 Special Message
69:41 Boston area (and national) announcements
72:30 Another transgender anthology, "The New Goddess: Transgender Women in the 21st Century," is on its way, edited by Gypsey Teague. She is a librarian and author of "the first transgender suspense mystery written about a transgender by a transgender", titled "The Life and Deaths of Carter Falls."

For more information:

88:39 End
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