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Noelle Howey, author of "Dress Codes" and daughter of a man who changed his sex, shares some of her criticisms of the HBO film "Normal"

Dean Kotula, photographer and author of a new book called "The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals"

" I think that transgendered characters in cinema, while certainly not as progressive or diverse as they could be, have been more progressive and diverse in the past. "
- Noelle Howey

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• War on our minds
• NY Times on the War
• Noelle Howey on HBO's "Normal"
• The war: pro/con
  Sorry, no Question of the Week this week.
10:52 We talked about the activist response to the war in Iraq with Sadie Sullivan, a writer for the "Weekly Dig," an alternative paper in Boston. She was one of the peace activists arrested for civil disobedience last week at the federal building in Boston .
For more information:
United for Justice with Peace
23:54 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
39:47 The HBO movie "Normal," about a family in which the father 'comes out' as transsexual, has generated both praise and criticism. Noelle Howey, daughter of a noted mtf transsexual playwrite and author of a book about her father's transition, tells why she and her father both found the film greatly lacking.

Noelle wrote the book "Dress Codes: Of Three Girlhoods - My Mother's, My Father's and Mine." She also co-edited "Out of the Ordinary: Essays on Growing up With Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Parents." Most recently she authored an article on about HBO's "Normal."

For more information:
• HBO's "Normal"
• Noelle Howey's "Dress Codes" and "Out of the Ordinary"
• Previous GenderTalk interviews:
    Chris Howey on June 24, 2002
    Noelle Howey on June 17, 2002
    Noelle Howey on September 4, 2000
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66:30 Special Message
67:01 Boston area (and national) announcements
70:37 Changing sex is no cakewalk, and often the person who undertakes such a journey of change and discovery finds themselves in suddenly hostile territory. Dean Kotula wrote "The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals" with the hope of reducing the animosity and fear surrounding this issue.

Dean is a nationally known artist who has worked as a documentary photographer for twenty years. Dean changed his sex -- from female to male -- under the scrutinizing eyes of 2,000 predominantly male shipyard workers while working as a machinist. The ordeal prompted him to create a book to "take us one step closer to understanding what life is like for FTMs as they find their identity and learn about themselves."

For more information:
• The Phallus Palace publisher's page
87:53 End
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