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Dr. Dana Beyer, openly trans candidate for Maryland state legislature

Chris Diani, gay film producer, on his first feature-length film, a campy romp around the gay horror set titled "Creatures from the Pink Lagoon"

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00:00 Introduction
  • Movie: "She's the Man"
  • Movie: "Sordid Lives"
12:27 Raving Raven
29:17 Gender News
  • MO: Trans politician "quietly making waves"
  • Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery
  • Boston: Woman ordained as priest resigns
  • Chilean police seek woman who sold "magic cheese" powder
  • Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist
  • Neo-nazis increasingly gain entrance to military
  • Iraqi death squads target gay and transgender persons
  • Latvia: Anti-gay protesters hurl feces at gay rights activists
  • Slovenia: Same-sex marriage legalized - so long as nobody watches
  • US Muslim woman tells arab sheik: "Shut Up"
  • Bush's most radical plan yet threatens protections
  • Openly gay candidate poised to win seat in Oklahoma legislature
50:58 Question of the Week

"Do we all have the possibility of transgender problems in us?"
(From: John)

58:23 Meet Dr. Dana Beyer , an openly transgender woman running for state delegate in Maryland. Smart, energetic and courageous, she is poised to become our first Out trans person elected to a state legislature.

Previous GenderTalk interview with Wayne Beyer: Program #380, October 7, 2002

89:15 The GenderTalk Calendar
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93:20 Who ever heard of gay flesh-eating zombies? Well, now we have, thanks to Chris Diani, and his new feature film, "Creatures from the Pink Lagoon". For a behind-the-scenes look at what has been aptly described as a cross between an Ed Wood and a Roger Waters production, join us as we chat with Chris, who directed, wrote and produced this purely camp horror romp.

Chris got his start in the entertainment business as a child actor, later switching to behind-the-scenes work, stage-managing and directing at various fringe theatres. In 2003 Chris graduated from Seattle Film Institute's Total Immersion filmmaking program and was immediately tapped to write and direct the "I Scream Pride" series, a quartet of short films promoting the Seattle Pride Festival. In 2005, Chris' short western, Bob Hope's Miracle Cure For Incarceration, was featured in the inaugural Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

118:30 End
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