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Randi Barnabee, attorney who recently obtained a ruling on behalf of a transsexual firefighter in Ohio, on the impact of a number of recent rulings

Dee MacLachlan & Patricia Church, producer and director of "M2F: A Journey in Gender Identity", a wise and visionary documentary about Male to Female transgenderism

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00:00 Introduction
  • Gordene and Nancy's move
  • Australian movies
  • Boston Pride:
    • Nasty comments
    • FTM transsexual invisibility
    • Drag queen coverage
    • Anti Pride demo
10:47 Question of the Week

"I am a 19 year old M2F, I recently started HRT 3 months ago and I noticed that the left side of my body is developing more than my right side, mainly my hips and breasts, I was just wondering if this is normal and if the other side will "catch up" eventually. If not is there anything I can do to improve the receptiveness of the right side of my body to HRT?"
(From: Meredith)

15:30 We visit briefly with Joe Warnes, former GenderTalk intern, and his partner Asta, who comment on life and gender in Finland -- and Texas!

25:12 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Boycott Virginia called in response to anti-GLBT marriage act
  • Swiss Parliament gives a little and takes a lot
  • Russian government groups gays with alcoholics and pedophiles
  • TG worker fired for sex change sues
  • Study reveals community cost of anti-gay referenda
  • Oklahoma man arrested for flashing at courthouse
  • Study shows women have more sex when fertile
  • On-air "personality" injured in butt rocket launch
38:17 There have been some recent court rulings favorable to transgender persons. Attorney Randi Barnabee, who recently won a case in Ohio (Smith vs. Salem) on behalf of a transgendered client, reviews recent transgender-related case rulings and asseses their likely impact.
64:13 Special Message: Please Donate Now to Gender Education & Media so that we can continue and expand on this work.
65:22 Boston area (and national) announcements compiled by Ethan St. Pierre
Once again Australian film artists have graced us with a groudbreaking movie about gender difference, this time in a documentary that examines M2F transgenderism in great depth and with uncommon insight. Perhaps it's no accident that this remarkably wise look at gender diversity is authored by two transsexual women. Dee MacLachlan & Patricia Church, producer and director of "M2F: A Journey in Gender Identity", talk with us about the film, from inception to reception.

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88:36 End

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