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Maureen Sullivan, author of "The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, Their Children, and the Undoing of Gender", on her study of more than 30 lesbian families and the role of gender in their lives

Michelle Bruce, the first transgender councilwoman in the State of Georgia, on what it is like being transgender in the Bible Belt and how she is fighting discrimination, personally and publicly

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00:00 Introduction
  • Bush at Republican National Convention
  • Schwarzenegger invokes gender stereotypes at RNC (surprise!)
  • On fighting terrorism overseas
11:22 Question of the Week

"Hi my name is Lisa and I am only 22 years of age. I have not transitioned yet but want to so badly but it is hard because of my parents and girlfriend. What should I be doing right now at this stage? Second of all why can't Mass be more like San Francisco. Out there people don't get involved in others affairs? and third of all the profession that i want to go into is law enforcement related will I be fired if I transition on the job?"
(From: Lisa)

23:54 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • GLBT economic boycott scheduled for October 8 (Learn More)
  • Cheney vs. Bush on same-sex marriage ban
  • Senate candidate Keyes calls Cheney's daughter "hedonist"
  • Bangkok city hall candidate ousted for being "too raunchy"
  • Oregon court decides denying gay marriage licenses unfair
  • British officals concerned about Prozac in drinking water
  • Chickens escape delivery truck
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34:10 Same-sex partnerships hold great potential for rising above the usual gender polarity that often devastates the best intentions of couples. Maureen Sullivan, professor of social studies and the author of "The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, Their Children, and the Undoing of Gender," talks with us about her observations after interviewing over 30 lesbian couples about the role (or non-role) of gender in their relationships.

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65:10 Announcements: Boston area & National events
67:14 To be transgendered adds a significant challenge to the life of any person. When that person chooses a life in the public eye, that challenge is amplfied, and they often become a target for the fears and prejudices of others. Michelle Bruce, born intersexual and identifying as transgender, recently became the first trans city councilwoman in the state of Georgia. At the same time, she also became a favorite target of one highly bigoted radio "personality". She shares with us what it's like to be openly transgender in Riverdale, a suburb of Atlanta, and how she is working against discrimination in both private and public arenas.

Michelle welcomes any help in putting an end to the radio attacks.

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90:24 End

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