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Tree of Life by Diana Bryer  

Gabriel Bauer, director of a new documentary on people born female who express masculinity, titled Venus Boys

Diana Bryer, a New Mexican painter whose art marries a brilliantly colorful aesthetic with loving environmental consciousness

By chance, I happened to meet a Hopi Elder... when I got to know him, my paintings began to change... they became more about peace.
- Diana Bryer
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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• The Eye Behind the Camera
• Movie: Bowling for Coloumbine
• Bush’s fundraising
• Help Wanted: skinny
• US workers work longer, less happy
17:11 Question of the Week
" What is the definition of "sex reassignment surgery"? Is a t-girl who has the scrotum removed, the penis permanently hidden and stitched up to resemble the female sex considered having sex reassignment? "
(from: Billie Sue)
24:39 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
38:11 Venus Boyz A new movie about female-to-male transgender and transsexual persons called Venus Boyz is just now hitting the US after opening first in Europe. Although it has won awards, it is not necessarily the friend to its subjects that it purports to be. Gabriel Baur, film director, creator and director of the film, answers some tough questions about her motives and methods.
More information:
• Visit the webpage for Venus Boyz at
62:03 Special Message
62:54 Boston area (and national) announcements
65:51 Few artists bring more joy and love of life to their work than Diana Bryer. A New Mexican artist known internationally for her paintings of women and the natural world, she bases her vividly colorful imagery on the celebration of life and our relationship to each other, the animal kingdom, the changing seasons, and our Mother Earth. We talked with her about the experience and feelings behind her work.

Diana has lived with her family on a small farm in northern New Mexico since 1977. Her original paintings are in many public and private collections. Each of her paintings is a prayer for peace, for the environment, and for balance within the heart of male and female.

For More Information:
• Visit the artist’s website at

89:55 End
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