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Simon Aronoff of Fenton Communications, on improving the communications abilities of activist organizations

Letta Neely, lesbian activist slam poet, author of two books and a new play currently in performance in Boston

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00:00 Introduction
09:02 Question of the week
" I'm a 51 year old t-woman, I shave ,go out in public, my wife knows all is well but what I was wondering is, I know we are talking about diversity, but are there common stages we go through as we mature? I know I have more T.S. kinds of thoughts now than I have before and want to know how much of this is stages or unique to me. "
(from: Charlene, Northern Illinois)
21:39 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
32:32 Communications skills are important not just for individuals, but for activist organizations as well. Our guest, Simon Aranoff, provides GLBT, public health and environmental-focused publicity support at Fenton Communications, a group dedicated to helping others create social change.
Simon holds an appointed seat on San Francisco's Transgender Civil Rights Implementation Task Force and sits on the board of the Transgender Law Project, a pilot program of PRIDE Law and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. He has volunteered as a youth coordinator with Youth Gender Project, a peer-based TG education and support group in the Bay Area. He also presents workshops on anti-racism has done extensive public speaking, education, and activism around gender rights issues.
For more information:
• Visit Fenton Communications at
• View the report on how to approach advocacy communication campaigns Now Hear This
• Visit
• Visit
58:05 Special Message
58:35 Boston area (and national) announcements
63:02 Slam poetry has become a wildly popular forum for energetic and original new voices, and one of the most popular slam poets in New England is also a playwright. Letta Neely joins us to talk about her new play, "Hamartia Blues," as well as to share some of her inspiring poetry.

Letta has authored two books of poetry, "Juba" and "Here," and was named "Best Local Author 2001" by a Boston Phoenix reader's poll. Twice a Lambda Literary Awards finalist for lesbian poetry, Letta frequents poetry readings around New England and is a regular slam poetry winner. She is an ardent civil rights activist who has done anti-homophobia training and educational outreach. Letta has also conducted writing workshops privately, in public schools, and at juvenile detention centers.

Hamartia (Hah-mar-TEE-ah) Blues, a drama about the intersecting lives of an African-American lesbian couple, JaySan and Neferdia, and JaySan's imprisoned brother, Afir, is being performed at the time of this interview by Boston's Theatre Offensive.

For more information:
• Visit the New Words bookstore for Letta's book, "Here"
• Read another interview with Letta Neely
• Visit the Theatre Offensive website
89:27 End
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