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Dean Spade, FTM transsexual lawyer arrested for trying to use a men's restroom in New York City's Grand Central Station

Yosenio Lewis, board chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition

Andrew Matzner, author of a book about Hawaii's Mahu and Transgender Communities

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00:00 Introduction
13:15 Question of the week
" I am thinking of resettling to Arizona. Wondering how trans people fair there. Are we safe or is it a bad choice? "
(from: Mary, New York state)
" I am an MTF woman. I am seriously thinking of doing some exotic dancing in some local clubs, I was wondering if you knew any TS women who have done this? "
(from: name removed by request)
23:21 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
34:01 It's an all-too-common nightmare scenario for transsexuals: trouble in the bathroom. In this case, the trouble was an unfriendly police officer, and the bathroom was in New York City's Grand Central Station. Hear about what happened from female-to-male transsexual Dean Spade, who spent a day in jail for the "crime" of trying to relive himself in an appropriate setting.
Dean is a young trans lawyer living in New York City. As a result of his experience, he is now starting a new law project focusing on the needs of low income trans and gender-variant people at Urban Justice Center.
Also joining us briefly is Yosenio Lewis, Board chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, who offers NTAC's help to any who ask for it.
For more information:
Read some of Dean Spade's writings on gender at and his writings on activism and related issues at
Email Dean at
65:27 Special Message
66:02 Boston area (and national) announcements
70:30 Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to grow up in a culture more accepting of gender diversity? Our guest, Andrew Matzner, has pulled together the voices of a number of transgender and mahu persons living on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i, in a book titled "O Au No Keia: Voices From Hawai'i's Mahu and Transgender Communities".
Andrew is an independent researcher who crossdresses and has a strong interest in deconstructing gender roles. In his lighter moments he considers himself gender deviant. He is also an occasional contributor to Transgender Tapestry magazine on issues of gender diversity in Pacific Asian cultures.
From the O Au No Keia website:
"This book is an anthology of spoken narratives collected from male-to-female transgendered people who live on the island of O�ahu. In this book, people who identify as �mahu� (the local term for a transgendered person), transsexual, and/or drag queen tell their stories and address the issues important in their lives. They talk about gender identity and sexuality; coming out to their families; familial acceptance and rejection; going to school; surviving on the streets; transitioning to womanhood; finding a romantic partner; spirituality and religion; Hawaiian culture; growing old, and much more. "
For more information:
Visit Andrew Matzner's Transgender in Thailand web site
Email Andrew at
92:51 End
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