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Breaking News:
Attorney Jennifer Levi on a court decision affirming the right of a trans-identified youth to wear clothing appropriate to her gender identity at school

Barbara Wilson, award-winning Lesbian author and activist, talks about her latest mystery novel

Cynthia, founder and producer of channel-T, a video website presenting grass roots transsexual and transgender video productions

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00:00 Introduction
02:45 In a special breaking news interview, Jennifer Levi, intrepid attorney for GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, who has been scoring serious court wins on behalf of freedom of gender expression, fills us in on a new court ruling on behalf of a transgender youth. According to a GLAD press release, "a Massachusetts Superior Court in Brockton ruled that a middle school may not prohibit a transgender student from expressing her gender identity even if that expression does not conform with the sex ascribed to her at birth."
19:37 Question of the Week:
Question: I am a 21 year old TG M2F. Can you help me find a support group, that would be willing to talk with me via e-mail, on a regular basis, since I'm not in an area easily accessible to Transgendered resources. (from Jessica, Pa)
21:57 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
36:40 Barbara Wilson, co-founder of Seal press, is an award-winning figure in feminist literature and publishing. She has written several novels and mysteries, and her mystery "Gaudi Afternoon" has been made into a feature film. She joins us on this program to talk about her new comic crime novel and Cassandra Reilly mystery "The case of the Orphaned Bassoonist".
57:16 Special Message
58:17 Boston area (and some national) announcements
65:19 Cynthia, Executive Director of Channel-T, a QuickTime streaming-video website featuring transsexual documentaries from the transsexual community, at (no longer in operation -NN, 7/15/02). She also tells us about a fund for a transwoman who is transitioning with brain-cancer and no health insurance. (she has since recovered and is no longer in need; link and reference to her name removed at her request -NN, 7/15/02)
89:35 End
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