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John Shope, Bay Village Neighborhood Association president, on problems that Jacque's, Boston's leading tranny bar, creates for it's neighbors

Alejandro Marcel, former director of Boston's Transgender Education Network, on problems created by John Shope and the BVNA for those attempting to do outreach work with transpersons

Valerie Boyd, author and researcher, on the life of Zora Neale Hurtston, one of America's great writers and a groundbreaking African-American woman

" It's not just about prostitution. It's about anything that has to do with outreach of a type that they don't particularly care for. "
- Alejandro Marcel

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Space shuttle disaster
• Jacque's under attack
• "Transecting the Academy" conference:
    - Misunderstanding feminism
    - Dean Spade, transactivism and global issues
    - Pauline Park, transgenderism, persons of color and history
    - Lydia Sausa on educational needs of trans students
• Pornography and the GLBT community
19:01 Question of the Week
" During your show of January 20 you made the remarkable comment that 50% of post-op transsexuals become "sexually disabled." If this is true, it certainly seems to be knowledge that is not often discussed in the MtF community, which hereabouts at least seems unhealthily fixated on the "one true path" to SRS. I read a speech by Phyllis Frye, from several years ago, in which she alluded to a widespread post-op dissatisfaction that was not often publicly expressed. Personally I am in your camp as regards gender transition. However, I have many friends who are contemplating surgery, and many others who have had it. I think it's so important that people have a chance to consider the full range of effects from the surgery. So, I would appreciate it if you could give me some references as to the origin of the 50% "sexually disabled" figure, along with how that term is defined. Does it mean inability to experience orgasm? Post-operative lack of interest in sex? Post-operative inability to attract sexual partners? Something else? "
(from: Jill)
27:00 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
38:57 The Boston Globe reported it as a case of "upwardly mobile gay men" against "flamboyant crowds" and the "seedier transgender community." The president of the Bay Village Neighborhood Association, attorney John Shope, shares with us his group's complaints against the patrons and owners of Jacque's, Boston's leading transgender watering hole.
62:17 Rebutting some of Shope's assertions, Alejandro Marcel details some of the harassment directed against his state health department-funded program by Shope and the BVNA. Former director of the Transgender Education Network and respected nationally for his work on transgender health issues, Alejandro reports pressures by BVNA against outreach programs intended to lend trans persons at risk a helping hand.
For More Information:
• Bay Windows article:
• Transgender Education Network's parent organization, Justice Resource Institute:
• Bay Village Neighborhood Association:
• Rick Berlin on Jacque's:
73:31 Boston area (and national) announcements
74:12 Special Message
74:48 Throughout American history, there have been many writers whose work has been ignored because of their cultural heritage. Valerie Boyd, Arts editor at the Altanta Journal-Constitution, introduces us to one such writer with her new biography "Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurtston". Hurtston broke new ground as an African-American woman writer.
For more information:
• Publisher's page on Wrapped in Rainbows
88:47 End
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