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Victoria Muñoz, psychology professor, on her study of female to male transsexuals & how sexual orientation relates to gender

Jim Gladstone, author of an intriguing new novel about growing up gay that explores the full complexity of the development of a gay identity

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00:00 Introduction
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15:47 Question of the week:
Question: " In a recent show you indicated that some prominent TSs are now rethinking their surgery. Where can I get more info on this topic? I am a 55 year old who has recently been classified a pre-op TS by my therapest and am now in a full TS program including HRT. I need to know all I can about the pros & cons of SRS. " (from: Stasha Golski, Cherry Hill, NJ)
24:26 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
35:14 Victoria Muñoz, psychology professor studying female to male transsexuals, on the relationship between sexual orientation and gender. Victoria is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Wells College in Aurora, NY (just north of Ithaca in the Finger Lakes Region) teaching courses in Human Sexuality and Psychology of Women and Qualitative Research Methods, who also authored the book, "Where Something Catches: Work, Love, and Identity in Youth.".
Writes Victoria:
"By interviewing and listening to the stories, lives, thoughts and feelings of transsexual men -- although not everyone I've interviewed uses this term identities being in flux both psychologically and socially -- I am trying to see how gender identity and expression develop for FTM's and how changes in gender cause, allow, or support changes in sexual orientation. How can this be if sexual orientation is innate or biologically inherited? I think that sexual orientation is much more complex than some gene on a chromosome, that it is, like gender also socially as well as physically and psychologically constructed. "
You can visit Victoria's website at or email her at
66:21 Special Message
66:51 Boston area (and national) announcements
69:57 Jim Gladstone is author of the new novel "The Big Book of Misunderstanding". The book describes growing up experiences of a young gay man, replete with all the complexity of true life. We spoke with Jim about the experience of growing up gay.
Jim is about to start a 20-city reading tour of the U.S. the second week of February (2002), beginning in Boston. Learn more about the book and the tour dates at
89:57 End
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