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Helen Matthews of Boston Ecofeminist Action, and Sue Solomon, animal rights & feminist activist, on EcoFeminism and the connection between violence against women and violence against nature.

Viviane Namaste, author of "Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People"

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00:00 Introduction
10:18 Question of the week:
Question: " I have been dressing as a girl since childhood, and wearing makeup. I love it! Am I a transsexual? " (from: Hellen, Canada)
Question: " I just heard the recording of your 8/6 show re: MTF Transgender Sexuality & was very disappointed. You "pussyfooted" (no pun intended) around one of the primary conflicts in this area, namely the problems that arise (really, no pun intended) when the man in a male/TG relationship wants the woman to use her penis, either by the man fellatiating her or the woman engaging in active anal intercourse (topping) with the man assuming the passive, (bottoming) role. This is the dirty little secret of most such relationships or encounters. It frequently causes the breakup of these relationships when the woman can't or won't use her penis as such. " (from: Ray, Northern Maine)
21:22 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
29:48 Helen Matthews is a member and instigator of Boston Ecofeminist Action. She is currently seeking a graduate degree in ecofeminist theory and social movements. She offers a workshop on building cross-movement alliances and a slide show on popular cultural images connecting women with animals and the earth. Her work in a variety of movements endeavors to expose the interlocking nature of oppressions and liberations.
Susan Solomon is a longtime animal rights and feminist activist with a focus on issues around violence against women. A frequent speaker on ecofeminist issues, she is former staff of the Jane Doe Safety Fund and the New England Anti Vivisection Society. Currently, she is a graduate student in counseling psychology at Lesley University.
We talked with Helen and Susan about what EcoFeminism is, and about the connection between violence against women and violence against nature.
63:01 Special Message
64:01 Boston area (and national) announcements
68:57 Viviane Namaste is the author of "Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People," published by the University of Chicago Press (2000). She is Coordinator of transsexual health care project in Montreal, and has done research and activism on transsexual and transgendered health issues in Canada and in Quebec. She co-directed a video with 2 other transsexual women called "Madame Lauraine's Transsexual Touch," a video designed to give HIV education to the clients of transsexual prostitutes, and it raises issues in terms of transsexuals and representation, how to do effective HIV education programs, and the under-representation of prostitutes in most media discussions about transsexuality, etc.
Her book looks at methodological issues in studying TS/TG people, taking issue with queer theory and mainstream social science and the ways in which they objectify trans persons.
Viviane, Nancy and Gordene engaged in a lively debate about some of Viviane's assertions.
87:28 End
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