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Siobhan Somerville, author of a new book titled "Queering the Color Line: Race and the Invention of Homosexuality in American Culture"

Riki Anne Wilchins, along with Lesbian Avengers Gunner and Kate, talk about the Michigan Women's Music Festival and Camp Trans 2000

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00:00 Introduction
15:05 Question of the Week:
Question: I live with my mother. I'm 21, I work at a Dry cleaners and do a lot of baby sitting during week nights and weekends. I love baby setting. My question is: When my mother is called out of town for work, or for that matter when she goes out with her girl friends on Friday or Saturday nights, I rush to her bedroom and watch as she leaves. Knowing she's gone, I get this rush. Before I know it, I've got a pair of her panties, panty hose, full slip and one of her dresses plus a pair of her heels on. It seems like I got to do this. It seems as though it's a relief. When she goes out of town I apply make up. It seems like a feminine side comes out of me. Again, my question is. Am I alright? (from Ricky, Boston area)
20:17 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
30:20 Siobhan Somerville, author of "Queering the Color Line: Race and the Invention of Homosexuality in American Culture". Siobhan is a Professor of English and Women's Studies at Purdue University where she teaches queer studies, theories of race, American literature, feminist theory, and film. We talked with Siobhan about how race and homosexuality have been historically linked, and how the sexological division of people into homosexuals and heterosexuals was shaped by the discourse of scientific racism.
Visit the Duke University website for "Queering the Color Line: Race and the Invention of Homosexuality in American Culture"
58:04 Special Message
59:38 Boston area (and some national) announcements
65:11 Riki Anne Wilchins, long time gender activist and participant in Camp Trans at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, along with Gunner and Kate from the Lesbian Avengers of Boston. These three, all participants at the Camp Trans this past year, tell us about the purpose of Camp Trans, why they were there, and what happened there this year.
For lots more information about Camp Trans 2000, visit
88:59 End
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