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Dallas Denny, Transgender Tapestry editor and longtime trans community commentator, on her upcoming run for office, Fantasia Fair, and more

Robyn Ochs, Boston-area bi activist, on her co-edited anthology of international writings on bisexuality

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00:00 Introduction
  • Gordene's dress
  • Bisexuality
  • Raving Raven
  • Gender and relating to children
  • Movie: Off the Map
14:39 Gender News
  • LA judge rules in favor of asylum for transwoman
  • AIDS treatment campaign asks for letters to Bush (click here for more)
  • Thailand removes restrictions on gays, transsexuals in military
  • "Reparative Therapy" conference to come to Boston
  • Raven: Boston's famous swan couple identified as lesbian
  • Supreme court nominee Roberts loses support
  • Courts at odds on transsexual rights
  • US factories creating less garbage
  • PA court rules that GLBT anti-discrimination ordinance is OK
  • Hillsboro, FL suffers from gay ban
  • Teen girls suffer increasing violence from boyfriends
37:54 Question of the Week

"I'm a transgendered guy in my 20's who started transitioning at the beginning of this year. I'd say that I pass with strangers & acquaintances approximately 50% of the time at present and while that bugs me, I take a certain amount of pride in walking a difficult, in-between places kind of line. I am forced never to relax when it comes to gender - and while sometimes I fantasize about taking T, I'm really conflicted about the notion of assimilating into a comfortably gendered biological appearance. I feel a guilty imperative to be okay with my unaltered body, even though I'm not - since I know that it's only in the gaze of people who don't respectfully understand what it means to be a transguy that my female biology bugs me out. And it isn't it precisely those people we're trying to change? When I do pass, it's often as a pretty young guy - say 15 or 16 - which gets to be strangely humiliating. I manage fine, but I'm concerned about what will happen when I get a bit older and my face ages a bit - and my voice stays the way it is, and my frame stays skinny, not very tall, and slight. I guess I feel kind of forced to consider T more seriously than in many ways I want to, just in order to pass. I can't stay a 'boy' in the gaze of people who don't know I'm trans forever, and after all, I'm not sure I'd want to. Any advice?"
(From: Teht)

50:41 Writer and activist Dallas Denny is chair of the planning committee for Fantasia Fair (the transgender community's longest-running event), and editor of IFGE's Transgender Tapestry journal (its leading print publication). A longtime transgender community commentator and activist, she lives in tiny Pine Lake, Georgia, population 661. Pine Lake lost its first police officer on Thursday when a "routine" traffic stop ran awry. Dallas, who twice ran unsuccessfully for city council, has decided to once more throw her hat into the ring.
  • Visit the Fantasia Fair website at
  • Visit Transgender Tapestry Magazine publisher IFGE's website at
  • Write to IFGE at PO Box 540229, Waltham, ma 02254
  • Call IFGE at 781-899-2212
86:02 The GenderTalk Calendar
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90:41 Robyn Ochs, editor of the Bisexual Resource guide, a professional speaker, workshop leader and co-founder of the Boston Bisexual Women's Network (1983) and the Bisexual Resource Center (1985), talks about a new book she co-edited with Sarah E. Rowley, titled Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World.
120:00 End
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