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Deborah Lake Fortson, playwright and activist, on the international trade in sexual slaves. This forced prostitution preys on vulnerable young girls and boys, luring them into situations from which escape is all but impossible without outside help.

" We're talking about people who are being moved around and sold. The people who are selling them view them as commodities. It's like selling a drug or armaments. "
- Deborah Lake Fortson

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• DOmestic Violence Ended fundraiser (DOVE, Quincy, MA: 617-471-1234)
• Sexual slavery
• New Hampshire's 'Old Man of the Mountain' gone!
10:22 Question of the Week

"I teach at a small private school in rural Northern Florida. We have two students whose father is currently transitioning, male-to-female. We, as teachers, are looking for literature or other education on how to support the children, an 8-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy. The transition is being kept "hush-hush" in their family, and the parents are very recently divorced, so the children are getting mixed messages. How can we support them...and without over-stepping their parents communication choices? What personal questions will these children be encountering? What will they be expected to explain to classmates? Is there any literature exploring transsexual issues from this angle?"

(from: Chandi)
19:33 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
32:37 Boston area (and national) announcements
36:49 Special Message

Contrary to popular belief, slavery is still alive and well both abroad and at home. According to CIA estimates, over 50,000 young women are tarfficked into the US each year into lives of sexual slavery. Our guest, Deborah Lake Fortson, is a playwright who has written the first part of a two-part play about the sexual exploitation and trafficking of young women. She shares with us what she learned about this horrific practice supported by unscrupulous persons around the world.

"This trade in human beings is a global problem of staggering human dimensions. As many as four million people are trafficked worldwide each year as victims of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation, leaving a trail of devastated lives. Too many are women and children forced into pornography or prostitution.
This is modern day slavery. From Nigeria to Italy, from Albania to Moldova, from countries in Asia to Western Europe to the United States, no nation is untouched and every country is linked in a chain of greed, corruption, exploitation, and violence. It is everybody's problem. "

- Paula Dobriansky, US Under-Secretary of State for Global Affairs, in The Guardian Unlimited (article)

Deborah Lake Fortson is the director of Tempest Productions, a multi-cultural ensemble of Indian, Japanese, African-American, Chinese and Euro-American actors. She wrote the play "The Yellow Dress" about dating violence, for performance on high school and college campuses nationwide. Her current production, in collaboration with Myrna Balk, is titled "Body and Sold Part I: Southeast Asia", and concerns the sexual explotation and trafficking of young women. It premiered at The Boston Center for the Arts on May 7, 2003.

For more information:
• Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking:
• The Anti-Slavery Society:
88:49 End
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