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Namoli Brennet, gender variant singer/songwriter, whose work aims to challenge the binary gender system and the stereotypes that propagate it

Geoffrey Kors, executive director of Equality California, on recent legislation protecting the rights and fair treatment of GLBT citizens

"When we did it in San Francisco the impact was enormous... because of that law, over one third of the Fortune 500 gives full equal benefits. If the state does it, it’s a huge step forward."
- Geoffrey Kors
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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Boston’s "Pot Fest" and marijuana policy
• New HBO series on Washingtonian politics: "K street"
• Why is killing fish allowed where hunting is not?
• Arnold’s misogynistic pleasure
• (Boston Globe) headline change
• Rupert Murdoch goes after DirecTV
• CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on their Iraq war coverage
15:17 Question of the Week
"Recently there was an instance where a GG lady was arrested by the police in Laurel, MD because she was thought to be a man when she went into a ladies restroom. First off, I didn't know there was any law that would stop a man from going into a ladies room or vice-a-versa unless it was a local law. Second, they were wrong since they arrested a lady for going into the ladies room. How silly! Third, if there is such a law, are we who are Bigendered at risk for arrest? "
(from: Terri Lee)
22:12 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
37:28 Boy In A Dress CD coverThe best art is profoundly political, and the best music is powerful in rhythm, melody and message. Such is the music of gender-variant performer Namoli Bennet, whose haunting tunes linger in the mind long after the last echoes die, while her lyrics chip away the beauty myth of Western Culture.

As a transgendered youth, Namoli never felt at home in the world of binary gender. With songs like "Boy in Dress", "Everybody Wants to be You" and "Victoria’s Secret", Brennet questions the validity of the two-gender system and the rigid stereotypes that accompany it.

Songs excerpted:

  • Boy In A Dress
  • Home
  • Turning Song
  • works of man

For More Information:
• Visit Namoli’s website at

62:12 Special Message
63:01 Boston area (and national) announcements
66:22 Governor Davis thanks Geoffrey Kors immediately after signing AB 205, with Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg (author of AB 205), her partner Sharon, Senator Jackie Speir, and Assemblymember Paul Koretz looking on. 2003 has been a year of unprecedented progress on legislation protecting the rights of, and fairness towards, LGBT persons in the state of California. Leading the successful effort that produced this fortunate result was Equality California, the state's largest LGBT civil rights organization, led by executive director Geoffrey Kors. Geoff talks about the measures passed and what they will mean to Californian persons of alternative gender and sexuality.

Acts passed in California in 2003:

  • AB 205: The Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act
  • AB 458: Foster Care bill
  • AB 196: The Gender Non-Discrimination Act
  • AB 17: The Equal Benefits Bill

For More Information:
• Visit the Equality California webpage at

88:54 End
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