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Elizabeth Minnich, feminist philosopher, professor, and co-author of the new book on how privatization threatens democracy, titled The Fox in the Henhouse

Moonhawk River Stone, former board chair of the International Foundation for Gender Education and a psychotherapist specializing in LGBT concerns, on issues supporting the elimination of Gender Identity Disorder as a psychiatric diagnosis

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00:00 Introduction
  • Using gender-neutral pronouns
  • TV: Sundance's Transgeneration
  • AI's "30% TS employment" a huge improvement
  • Raving Raven: Chimp quits smoking
19:28 Gender News
  • California: New law forces pharmicists to fill ALL prescriptions
  • Panama considers legitimizing gender diversity
  • Massachusetts: legislators look into deceitful anti-same-sex marriage petition tactics
  • New Hampshire: Commission recommends anti-same-sex marriage amendment
  • Connnecticut: First legislatively-originated civil unions begin
  • Nevada: Anti-gay discrimination outlawed
  • Supreme Court Justice Scalia to be protested at Columbus Day parade
  • Columbus Day: Honoring genocidal maniac
  • Tennessee: Vanderbilt Medical Center reaches out to GLBTs
  • Texas: Two men get 6 years for rape and beating of gay Austin man
  • New York: Two transsexuals found dead in their Brooklyn apartment
  • Massachusetts: transsexual woman found dead, shot 17 times in genital area
  • Afghanistan: Warlords, Opposition to President, and Women's activists score well in elections
37:01 Question of the Week

"I want to know what are the colors for transgender people? Also do you know of any colleges that has Master's Degrees in Gender Studies? I am a male heterosexual crossdresser who wants to work with transgender men and women in the future."
"Could you recommend any books and videos by crossdressers?"
(From: Gennee)

43:45 A popular trend among people of privilege and those whose fear of 'big government' outweighs their concern for the poor, is support for privatization of government services. Latest on the auction block: prisons and schools. Providing arguments against privatization is professor, feminist philosopher and award-winning author Elizabeth Minnich, who talks about her new book The Fox in the Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy.

NOTE: Elizabeth asked us in a follow-up email to post a correction: she used the wrong name in a point she was making, and meant David Horowitz rather than 'Novak'.

85:33 The GenderTalk Calendar
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90:20 Our second guest recently made a presentation to the 6th international Congress on Sex and Gender arguing for reform and removal of Gender Identity Disorder from the American Psychiatric Association's manual for diagnosis of disorders. We speak with Moonhawk River Stone, an "out, open and proud" transsexual man and psychotherapist who specializes in working with the LGBT community. He is also former board chair of the International Foundation for Gender Education.
119:50 End
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