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Kristin Donnan, co-author of "Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of Sue the Dinosaur that changed Science, the Law, and my Life" reveals some amazing new gender implications

Gilda Bruckman, co-founder of New Words women's bookstore, on their evolution for survival

" Most people assumed that the more delicate one was the female, and Pete reasoned that that was Male Mammal Chauvanism "
- Kristin Donnan

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Hal's health & breathing
• Tonight's program: Size queens and friendly bookstores
• Upcoming Boston City Council hearing on "gender identity & expression"
• Hate in Somerville
• Susanna Baca gets Nancy and Gordene hopping
• Jazz Hip Hop and Medusa
15:18 Question of the Week
" From time to time Gordene talks about coming to an uneasy truce with her present body shape; I wonder if she could go into more detail about that, since it kind of rings bells with me... a not-very-masculine male who's not interested in surgery or even changing outward presentation, but I manage on good days to tolerate a fairly feminine inward life. "
(from: Dick, Boston area)
23:57 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
34:50 Special Message
35:42 Would you believe that not only can a new skeleton revolutionize ideas about the gender of a T Rex, but that it can also tell us something about our own gender? Nancy starts out skeptical, but author Kristin Donnan makes a believer out of all of us in a truly fascinating interview.

Kristin co-authored, along with Peter Larsen, the book "Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of Sue the Dinosaur that changed Science, the Law, and my Life". Kristen is a free lance writer and former reporter for NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, who is currently writing a book on human sexuality.

For more information:
• View Photos of Sue by Andrew Skolnick
• Find out more about the book "Rex Appeal the Amazing Story of Sue the Dinosaur that changed Science, the Law, and my Life" at
64:45 Boston area (and national) announcements
68:27 Across the US, bookstores devoted to women's writing are closing, killed by web, chain and superstores. One of the oldest, New Words in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is evolving for survival. Co-founder Gilda Bruckman talks with us about their process of self-reinvention.

New Words will close its doors October 6th and re-emerge as a new non-profit organization, The Center for New Words. Conceived in large part thanks to a Ford Foundation funded study, the new Center for New Words will offer diverse and innovative programs, all geared to women's words and empowerment. These will include adult and child literacy, activities to promote reading and writing, and programming to support the production and distribution of writing, including 'zine and computer-based expression.

For more information:
• Visit the New Words website at
88:59 End
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