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Kelli Burkinshaw, New Mexican State field director for "Basic Rights New Mexico" (which defeated an effort to repeal GLBT protections), on the defeat of 2005 NM DOMA legislation

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00:00 Introduction
  • Gordene and Nancy's New Mexico vacation
  • Nancy's meds
  • GenderTalk to be carried by GlobalTalk Network at (not as stated by Nancy in the program)
07:25 Question of the Week

"I'm a 20 year old genetic male, and I don't consider myself a TS woman, but I wouldn't consider myself a man either. It suppose it's like "bigenderality" : ) Sometimes I think and act like a woman, sometimes a man, and balance out to an androgynous mix often, and that's what I think I'm trying to mirror outwardly. I was wondering if it's possible to strike a balance between hormonal levels and not go all out to womanhood in the process? Would it be possible that that state could become my bodies natural point of equilibrium? And what would you guess might be the effects? Just mild versions of the 100% "normal" way? Another reason I'm considering this is because I'm beginning to lose hair very slowly by way of male pattern baldness. Would increasing my estrogen and decreasing testosterone decrease or remove my male pattern baldness that my hair dresser guesses will finally take its toll in about 10 years? Thanks for reading, replying, standing up for what you believe in, and helping others out!"
(From: Chloe)

16:05 Gender News
  • Voice of "Bambi" emerges from closet
  • India: police discover body of murdered female-bodied man
  • "Safe for the whole family" radio host arrested on child pornography charges
  • University of San Diego refuses to hold funeral for owner of gay nightclubs
  • Washington, DC: Wanda Alston, GLBT liaison to mayor, stabbed to death
  • New HIV strain deadlier, faster
26:48 Evelien's Diary:, entry 9: "Uptown Girl"

Evelien's website:

36:34 Special Message
31:09 The GenderTalk Calendar
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34:25 New Mexico, one of only 12 states that still doesn't have a statutory or constitutional amendment defining marriage, faced several legislative attempts in 2005 to exclude GLBT persons from marrying and so deny their families equal protection under the law. How did GLBT activists in that state prevail in sending the hateful legislation to oblivion? Kelli Burkinshaw, activist and former New Mexican State field director for "Basic Rights New Mexico" (which defeated an effort to repeal GLBT protections), tells us about the defeat of the "DOMA" legislations introduced in their 2005 legislative session.
58:20 End
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