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Jill Weiss , transgender lawyer and graduate student studying Human Resource policies regarding trans persons in workplace, on current trends in the employment of transpersons, and the effect of legislation on jobs.

Harlyn Aizley , whose new book relates some of the trials and tribulations she encountered in her odyssey towards lesbian parenting.

" Someone asked me, have we encountered any homophobia as lesbian parents, and I had to say no... I've only encountered utter confusion. "
- Harlyn Aizley
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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
Karen's vacation at the beach
The Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition fundraiser
Getting green cards: security vs. freedom
Kayaking with co-workers
07:15 Aliza Shapiro & Lisa Jackson on Lisa's upcoming performances in Boston and Aliza's events. Jackson is a singer/musician from New York City. Aliza organizes Truth Serum , a program of gender queer "events by and for big-brained people" in the Boston area.
• Truth Serum Productions:
• Email Aliza at
• Find Lisa Jackson online at
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16:28 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
30:18 While trans activists are hard at work lobbying elected officials around the world for protections for the basic rights of transpeople, there has been virtually no scientific study of the experience of transpersons in the workplace and the perspectives of their employers. Jill Weiss, trans attorney, doctoral candidate and activist, proposes to change that.

Jill grew up in New Jersey as a religious jew, and practiced law civil litigation in New York City for a decade. Living as a woman since 1997, she is now pursuing a Ph.D in Law, Policy and Society at Northeastern University in Boston. She is an instructor in the Sociology Department and is particularly interested in the sociology of law and organizations and how they intersect with gender and sexuality.

To participate in Jill's study:
• Find Jill's web homepage at
• Email Jill at
• 617-373-4676
66:30 Boston area (and national) announcements
70:05 Special Message
71:08 The challenges faced by prospective lesbian parents are many, especially if adoption is not in their plans. Harlyn Aizley, writer of fiction and poetry, details her personal experience in "Buying Dad: One Woman's search for the perfect sperm donor." We talked with Harlyn about her experience in dealing both with the obstacles she confronted and the parallel concerns she grappled with as her mother faced serious illness.
For More Information:
• Learn more about the book "Buying Dad"
88:25 End
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