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Magdalen Hsu-Li, spiritualist and award-winning artist-turned-musician, on her music that aims to stretch the boundaries of our consciousness

Cynthia BrianKate, an electronic activist from Long Island who helped blow the whistle on transphobic practices at Microsoft and Yahoo

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00:00 Introduction
08:58 Question of the week
" As a older gay crossdresser I was wondering why I only feel completely whole when dressed en-femme and only fantasize about men making love to me but don't have the guts to follow up on my dream and only sit by myself and dream. I should tell you I am 54 and 6ft 3 in and 225 lbs. Passing is not a option and bars are full off young people. What are my choices? "
(from: Patricia, long island NY)
" I am a heterosexual male, obsessed in feeling what it would be like to be a beautiful woman!! Is that common?? And why??? "
(from: James Moore, San Diego)
23:06 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
40:55 Magdalen Hsu-Li's "Compassion"
46:08 Join us for a change-of-pace visit with a pioneering musical artist, Magdalen Hsu-Li. One of the first Chinese-American singer-songwriters to emerge in the U.S. as a star in the acoustic-pop-alternative genre, she is a consummate performer, visual artist, and free spirit who seeks to challenge stereotypes, raise awareness, and bring communities together through her music.

Magdalen's live shows are powerful, high energy, conciousness raising events which feature piano, vocal and drumset duos, impromptu standup and theater, thought provoking poetry readings, and spiritually rousing percussion and drum improvisations. Her lectures include an interactive workshop called "True Diversity - Exploring Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Programming."

For more information:
• Visit Magdalen Hsu-Li's website at
66:05 Magdalen Hsu-Li's "Redefinition"
70:08 Special Message
71:08 Boston area (and national) announcements
74:25 Can an ordinary transperson make a difference when giants like Microsft and Yahoo discriminate unfairly against transgender persons? You bet they can! Cynthia BrianKate, a crossdresser who lives on Long Island, tells us about her part in reforming transphobic policies at Microsoft Network ( and

Apparently, persons seeking transgender content using the MSN search engine were instead redirected to pornographic content without their permission. Moreover, MSN and Yahoo grouped transgender content with pornography, restricting access by young people to transgender content. An outcry by transpersons and sympathisizers online, helped by Cynthia's efforts, has changed policies at MSN and Yahoo 'Groups'.

For more information:
• Email Cynthia at
• Visit Cynthia's website at
89:02 End
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