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Chris Hartman, the research director of the organization called United for a Fair Economy, on what's wrong with the Bush tax cuts

Kathy Wilson, a leading advocate for the reform of the psychiatric classification of gender diversity as mental disorder, tells us why

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00:00 Introduction
12:21 Question of the week:
Question: " I know you've dealt with this topic before, but I'm currently struggling with the op/no-op question. I know I'd LIKE SRS, but I'm not sure I really NEED it in order to be happy. Money is definitely an issue, and I'm not sure that looking good in spandex or a tight skirt is enough of a reason to spend years saving up as much as ten grand plus and accepting the risks that come with going under the knife. On the other hand, I find the idea of being physically female as well as living as one very attractive, and, due to an ironically large male genital endowment, creating a visible appearance of femininity below the waist is often quite uncomfortable for me, as well as difficult to maintain without constant adjustment. Nancy, I know you're non-op, and I'd be interested to know how and why you came to the decision not to seek surgery, and what you think I, or anyone thinking about SRS, should be considering when making this decision. Thanks for your help...I'm really on the fence about this. " (from: Becky Juro, North Brunswick, New Jersey)
22:56 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
34:39 Chris Hartman, research director for the ogranization "United for a Fair Economy", talks with us about US economic trends, policy, and what is wrong with the proposed Bush tax cuts. Chris is a co-author of UFE's annual "Executive Excess" reports that detail the excesses of America's corporate leadership.
Learn more about United for a Fair Economy at or (same site)
Read about alternative uses for your tax rebate at
60:48 Special Message
61:54 Boston area (and national) announcements
66:26 Katherine Wilson, Ph.D. joins us to talk about what she believes is much-needed reform of the American Psychaitric Association's diagnostic definition of "Gender Identity Disorder".
Kathy is a writer on issues of transgender medical policy, Director of Outreach for the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, and an adjunct professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has presented papers on the psychiatric classification of gender diversity at the annual conventions of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Counseling Association and the Association of Women in Psychology. Her articles have appeared in the British medical journal Psychiatry On-Line and in the recent text, Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Sex and Gender, edited by Elizabeth Paul.
Kathy may be reached at Find out more about Gender Identity Disorder reform at
87:21 End
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