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Dean Spade, transgender attorney and activist on trans activism, global issues, and the groundbreaking Kantaras ruling from Florida on the legal sex of a transsexual man

Dr. Donna Lopiano, Executive Director of the Women's Sports Foundation, on Title 9, the equal opportunity measure passed 30 years ago that is under attack for diverting funding from boy's athletics

" Even though women comprise 56% of the average student body at the college level, they're getting about 42% of all participation opportunities... much less in operating budgets and recruiting dollars. "
- Dr. Donna Lopiano

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Kantaras ruling
• Title IX controversy
• Michael Jackson's ex-wife
• Nancy's interview on PBS
• Bush's agenda: no concern for consequences
• Movie: "The Banger Sisters"
• TV: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
17:54 Question of the Week
" I was wondering if Crossdressers would still wear women's clothing if they were living in Iraq, and had to wear those ugly cover-ups that are required there of woman. "
(from: Mary)
22:59 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
31:38 A new court ruling out of Florida has for the first time affirmed the sexual identity of a transsexual man. Joining us to talk about the case of Michael Kantaras, and about his take on trans activism in general, is Dean Spade, trans attorney and activist in New York City.

Dean is the founder of the Sylvia Rivera Legal Resource Program at the Urban Justice Center, a law project focused on the concerns of low-income transgender, transsexual and gender variant people. He is also the co-editor of the online journal

For more information:
• National Center for Lesbian Rights on the Kantaras case:
• Court TV's coverage of the Kantaras case:
• Urban Justice Center:
• Dean's online magazine:
• Notes from Dean's talk at "Transecting the Academy" conference:
NY Welfare Rights Initiative
Gay Shame
SF Transgender Law Center
61:21 Boston area (and national) announcements
64:07 Special Message: Jake's Juke Joint promo
65:09 In 1972, Congress passed Title 9, a law that redressed some of the vast inequality in school sports opportunities between men and women. Today, a Department of Education commission is threatening to rollback those equality gains. Dr. Donna Lopiano, Executive Director of the Women's Sports Foundation, fills us in on what's at stake and some of the tactics being employed to unfairly fix the outcome.

The Women's Sports Foundation is a charitable educational organization dedicated to ensuring equal access to participation and leadership opportunities for all girls and women in sports and fitness. It is among the top grant-giving public women's funds in the United States, distributing between $500,000 - 1 million in grants to girls' and women's sports programs each year.

Dr. Lopiano has been a college coach of men's and women's volleyball, and women's basketball, and softball. She was a college athletic program administrator for 23 years, most notably at the University of Texas at Austin where for an 18 year period as Director of Women's Athletics, she ran one of the top Division I programs in the county. As an athlete, she participated in 26 national championships in four sports and was a nine-time All-American at four different positions in softball, a sport in which she played on six national championship teams. She is a member of the National Sports Hall of Fame, the National Softball Hall of Fame and the Texas Women's Hall of Fame among others. A prolific writer and speaker, she is a champion of equal opportunity for women in sport and the ethical conduct of educational sports.

Lopiano is consistently listed among the top executives in the sports industry in publications such as The Sporting News and Sports Business Journal and considered an expert on Title IX and gender equity issues.

For more information:
88:33 End
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