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Jennifer Levi, staff attorney with GLAD, on the current state of transgender legal issues in the United States

Responding to the Murder of Transactivist Terrianne Summers:

Dan Merkan, HIV prevention social worker, talks about Terrianne, including her youth mentoring and other activism

Jessica Archer relates what is known about the circumstances of the murder, and what is being done about it

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00:00 Introduction
09:58 Question of the week:
Question: " Is it too late to become a woman and live a fulfilling life if I am 57..........I don't feel 57. " (from: Sharon, Kansas)
Question: " Question: I am a homosexual, but in a fraternity. Should I be up front with my brothers? " (from: Greg, Clemson, SC)
25:56 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
34:32 Jennifer Levi, attorney for the Boston-based Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, joins us to talk about the latest legal events affecting transgender persons and gender diversity. Jennifer has helped obtain some highly favorable rulings on behalf of transpersons and in favor of gender diversity. We talked with Jennifer about recent jucicial rulings, including the Massachusetts Commission Against Discriminaiton (MCAD), the new Rhode Island legislation, as well as the Goins and Gardiner cases.
For more information or to contribute to GLAD's efforts, visit
59:01 Boston area (and national) announcements
  Responding to a Murder:
Transactivist Terrianne Summers was gunned down in front of her home on Wednesday, December 12.
Activists from the Florida transgender community tell us about the person now lost to our community, and about what is being done about this horrific crime:
62:19 Dan Merkan, HIV Prevention Program Coordinator at Jasmyn, the Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, talks of Terrianne's involvement with mentoring youth through their program. He also talks of Terrianne's involvement in a number of other community organizations, and the respect and admiration that she earned by her generosity.
74:20 Special Message
75:10 Jessica Archer, Director of FORGE, the Florida Organization For Gender Equality, rejoins us unexpectedly this week to talk about what was known about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Terrianne Summers, and how the police were responding. Jennifer, who is also the Director of media, education and outreach with Equality Florida, worked closely with Terrianne, and is closely involved in the community response to this terrible tragedy.

Please write to Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover at Respectfully insist on a thorough investigation leading to the incarceration of the person responsible for this heinous - and obviously premeditated - crime. Let him know that this case is being watched around the country and that Terrianne's community will not rest until justice is met.

For more information, write to Jessica at

90:21 End

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