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Penny Coleman, author of "Flashback: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide and the Lessons of War", on the post-traumatic stress that all too often leaves our soldiers with lasting mental injury

Andrea Smith, author of "Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide", on violence against Native Americans and activism that addresses the true source of such problems

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00:00 Introduction
  • Hal's hospital visit
11:10 Clown icon Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • GLBT movement too narrowly focused?
  • Out gay actor made honorary member of Georgia national guard
  • Parishoners wash cars in holy fashion
  • Policy insures against Christ
  • Police vigilant against clowns
  • KYFE-FM goes from Christian to porn
  • French police thwart record joint rolling
  • British woman ordered to remove sign
  • Family to shoot Hunter S. Thompson remains
  • Student offers fake ads on animals, thighs
  • Man's life saved by cuddling
  • Missouri man plans novel evidence removal
  • Washington State to end state-financed SRS
  • Transsexual hen riles henhouse
  • Utah police make lewdness arrest
  • Alcoholic unable to resist swim
29:42 The Bird with the Word Raving Raven
  • Perseid Meteor shower
  • Threats to Pets
  • Crow wise guys
39:56 Gender News
  • Study connects estrogen to dementia in older men
    More info: [abstract] [study (fee)] [review]
    Report: Estrogen & dementia in women
  • New girl character on Sesame Street reinforces stereotypes
  • West Point student challenges "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  • Jerusalem World Pride replaced by protest against hatred
  • New study links sexy lyrics with teen sex practice
53:48 Question of the Week

"Why isn't facial hair removal covered by insurance? I need this to be complete and hope to go for SRS someday. It stinks not being able to work anymore. I wish someone would pass a bill so trans persons could get facial hair removal, and other medical needs, covered by Medicare, Medicaid and insurance for people that have started this process. This is a must for someone like me. I feel it is not cosmetic for a transperson when they need this done."
(From: Rachel)

62:59 Book cover, 'Flashback' Here's a startling fact: more Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than died in the war itself. The culprit: post-traumatic stress. One Vietnam War widow whose late husband suffered from PTSD and eventually committed suicide, Penny Coleman, has written a book entitled "Flashback: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide and the Lessons of War". In it, she unveils the story of the many soldiers who face such extreme internal conflicts long after the fighting is over that they suffer horrible mental breakdown and become uncounted casualties of war.

Buy Flashback: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide and the Lessons of War at [benefits GenderTalk]

Publisher's page for Flashback

GenderTalk's interview with Judith Herman, author of "Trauma and Recovery"

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93:09 Book cover, 'Conquest' Although much of our culture has lost its connection with ancient wisdom, it's not too late to re-establish a link. Andrea Smith, Native American scholar and activist, co-founder of Incite! Women of Color Against Violence and the Boarding School Healing Project, presents an inspiring perspective on activism against gendered violence. Her book "Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide" reveals the connections between different forms of violence perpetrated by the state and by society at large, and documents their impact on Native women.

Buy Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide at [benefits GenderTalk]

Publisher's page for Conquest

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118:30 End
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