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Leslie Heywood, poet and Professor of English and Creative Writing, whose academic and creative work focuses on gender

Judith Herman, Harvard professor of psychiatry and groundbreaking author, on trauma, and changing the role it plays in our lives

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00:00 Introduction
  • Trauma and Judith Herman
  • Massachusetts legislature set to vote on same-sex marriage July 12
10:12 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • RI: British tourist's body found, apparently after B&D meeting
  • Stupid grown-up things: military to revise depiction of homosexuality
  • Canada: More older brothers makes a man more likely gay
  • Boy George pleas misunderstanding, receives scolding from judge
  • Teenage girls get free rides by flashing at Catholic church festival
  • Arkansas mayor arrested for trading favors for sex
  • Bank robber arrested during long argument with bank teller
  • Man convicted of smuggling billion dollar bills
  • Man cited for cruelty to pet rats
30:20 Raving Raven
  • Oatmeal-eating bear left alone
  • Protecting pets from fireworks
  • Golden eagles return to New Hampshire
36:36 Gender News
  • Yahoo requires surgery for transsexuals
  • Gwen Araujo's mom pleas for end to 'trans panic' defense
  • NGLTF-commissioned poll shows majority favor trans protections in employment
  • PFLAG rings NYSE closing bell
  • British navy approves uniform sailors marcing in gay pride
  • Arkansas court rules ban on gay adoption is illegal
  • Transgender Law Center receives historic endowment
  • Pro-GLBT statistics
45:28 Question of the Week

"I am currently in transition M2F and I have encountered a huge problem: Body hair removal. I am not very hairy but I can't shave because my skin cuts and burns easily. I tried waxing in a salon and had to take anti-inflammatory pills after. The only thing that works for me so far is Veet hair removal spray. The thing is it only works for a day or two and sometimes it burns too. I can't afford laser. What can I do? Any expert advice on body hair removal would be welcome. This really is a big issue! "
(From: Babs)

57:07 Leslie Heywood, Professor of English and Creative Writing, joins us to talk about her poetry and other work on gender. Her academic and creative work focuses on gender, and she was recently ranked ranked the 11th strongest woman in the country in the bench press. She recently published a book of poems titled The Proving Grounds and is also the author of many other works. She writes, "My work can be summed up as a third wave feminist interpretation of the cultural function of women's sports..."

Publisher's page for The Proving Grounds

Leslie's page at the Binghamton University English Department

60:25 Ponytails
by Leslie Heywood
78:36 Perogative
by Leslie Heywood
81:20 Prom Girls
by Leslie Heywood
84:20 The GenderTalk Calendar
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86:59 A classic in the field of psychology, Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence -- from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror sheds light on ways to understand ourselves that can be singularly empowering. Author Judith Herman, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of Training at the Victims of Violence Program in the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, joins us to talk about trauma: what it is, how it impacts our lives, and how we can best deal with it.

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120:00 End
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