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Julia Rubingh & Evelien Snel, a married couple who split up as Evelien transitioned to living as a woman, then later reunited, discuss their evolving relationship

Marc Bonagura, professor of English who identifies as a different kind of transgender, on how gender plays out in the scenarios that create and wage war

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
  • Civil disobedience and gay marriage
  • In Newsweekly's Fred Kuhr on Fox
  • Sweeps week: transgender TV
  • Gay marriage poll shows decreasing support
  • Gender confusion and fear on the rise
  • Movie: "Osama"
  • NTAC to lobby in Washington, DC April 28-30 (more info)
15:10 Question of the Week

"How many GLBT organizations are there in your area?"
(From: Anonymous)

22:03 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Arnold objects to gay marriages
  • New Mexico's gay marriage effort aborted
  • Recovering acoholic Bush denounces gay marriages
  • Barney Franks opposes SF gay marriages
  • Chicago's mayor Daley voices support for gay marriage
  • Trans woman sentenced for self-defense killing
  • Astronomers discover 2,500-mile diamond
  • UK rock group scores hit by using youthful stand-ins
36:03 When a married person born male comes to the realization that living as a woman is the only remaining option for moving forward in life, it usually raises serious issues in the marriage, often leading to a breakup. Join us to hear the story of Julia Rubingh & Evelien Snel, a couple who broke up when Ev transitioned, only to discover after two years apart that the love which initially brought them together still burned in their hearts. Back together now for over a year, they share with us some of the trials and tribulations of their 16-year marriage, centering around Evelien's gender evolution.
63:51 Special Message
64:36 Boston area (and national) announcements
68:23 Gender exerts a strong influence over the behavior of all of us, including our decisions about, and action in, waging war. Marc Bonagura, professor of English, has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with World War II Veterans of the campaign for Guadalcanal, and is writing a biography of a marine named Bob Worthington. We talk Marc about gender and war and the cost to those who participate.

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89:50 End
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