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Patrick Horrigan, talks about growing up gay and coming of age and to terms with himself in the dazzling light of the Movie screen.

Christie Lee Littleton, the transsexual woman who was told by a Texas court that a woman is defined by her chromosomes and that she is a man, tells the story in her own words.

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00:00 Introduction
17:46 Question of the Week
Hi, I am a 51 year old closet crossdresser. Otherwise very happily married. I have chosen Terri as my fem name and my question is as follows; "how do I tell my wife of 25 years in a way that won't hurt her"? (from Terri in the Boston Area)
24:06 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
41:23 Patrick Horrigan, a professor of English and cultural critic who specializes in lesbian, and gay literature, popular culture, film and literary theory, talks about his just released book "Widescreen Dreams: Growing up Gay at the Movies."
63:42 Special Message
64:54 Boston area (and some national) announcements
67:24 Christie Lee Littleton made history earlier this year when the Texas Supreme Court denied her right to sue an insurance company for the wrongful death of her husband by declaring her a "male" despite her having a vagina and other female appearance characteristics. The court argued her marriage was invalid because her chromosomes (which were never tested) were "male". Christie Lee is currently challenging, with the aid of a group of transgender attorneys, the ruling that she is a male, a ruling that can affect us all. Christie Lee tells her story, in her own words.
For more information on the Christie Lee Littleton case, please visit
To listen to the GenderTalk interview with one of Christie's transgender attorneys, please visit GenderTalk #253 from April 10, 2000.
89:55 End
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